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By Prachatai |
<p>A story of Patiwat Saraiyaem, or &ldquo;Mor Lam Bank&rdquo;, a prominent young traditional mor lam singer whom his&nbsp;political expressions cost himself&nbsp;freedom and misfortunes as the state see&nbsp;them as&nbsp;illegal.</p>
By Prachatai political editorial team |
<p>In an era of political tension and ideological conflict, Thai society has reached a turning point. While the military government has paved its way to maintaining power, a new pro-democracy movement is trying to put rights and power back into the hands of the people.</p>
By Sorawut Wongsaranon |
<p>10 years after the crackdowns on the Red Shirt protests in 2010, we look back at the progress of the investigation into the death of 94 people, other avenues of seeking justice, and whether transitional justice is possible.</p>
By The Isaander; Weerawat Somnuk, Smanachan Buddhajak, Donlawat Sunsuk, and Somchai Saefad |
<p>The aridity of the Thung Kula Ronghai region&rsquo;s alkaline soil is behind the Hom Mali rice strain&rsquo;s popularity as a world-renowned export. The rice farmers and the special care they put into their production method have succeeded in turning their despair at the unpredictability of the rain cycle into assets. While quite a number of Isaan (northeastern Thai) people prefer sticky rice to regular rice for everyday consumption, the jasmine or &lsquo;Hom Mali 105&rsquo; variety has been grown in Isaan for 70 years. How did the popularity of this particular rice variety come about?</p>
By The Glocal; Nuttakorn Vititanon, Kunnawut Boonreak and Wittayakorn Boonruang |
<p>Two myths created by the media caused misunderstandings. One is that Chiang Mai faced the most severe problem, and the second is that this problem is likely to increase in severity every year. Statistics over the past 24 years indicate otherwise.</p>
By Yostorn Triyos, Realframe |
<p>In news reports less than 10 years ago, the new problem of PM2.5 dust was added to news items in the Thai media of forest fires and the problem of haze caused by forest fires and crop burning. This has led to a clear concrete policy shift, since it has a direct impact on the lives of the middle class in the country&rsquo;s large cities, especially major centres like Bangkok and tourist spots like Chiang Mai Province. With an unidentifiable origin, smog, forest fires and PM2.5 have by implication become the same thing.</p>
By Anna Lawattanatrakul |
<p>After being forcibly evacuated from their ancestral homeland in the Kaeng Krachan forest twice, the Bang Kloi indigenous Karen community has been facing community rights issues, which remain unresolved. The community is now at risk of another forced evacuation, while Thailand still has no legislation protecting indigenous rights.</p>
By Yodsapon Kerdviboon, Photography by Luke Duggleby |
<p>On the banks of the Mun River in northeastern Thailand, communities are still struggling with the impact of a dam that was built almost 30 years ago. After calls for the decommission of the dam were left unheeded, local activists are shifting the focus on the recovery of their livelihoods.</p>
By Yiamyut Sutthichaya |
<p>A look at the recycling industry in Thailand from top to bottom. Despite its important role in recycling waste in the country, it still faces various limitations and vulnerabilities that are only understood by those on the inside.</p>
By Kotcharak Kaewsurach |
<p>During the 2011 floods, people with disabilities face great difficulties due to aid and evacuation procedures which were not comprehensive and improper care, while Bangkok is still at risk of flooding due to rising sea levels. ThisAble.Me and Prachatai talked to&nbsp;people with disabilities, rescuers, and researchers about their concerns and hopes, projecting the problems in the 2011 flood into the future, and whether there any methods or mechanisms.</p>
By Tewarit Maneechai: report, Kittiya On-in: cover photo |
<p>How did Twitter people shake up politics? How scary is the power of Korean idol stans?</p>
By Yiamyut Sutthichaya |
<p>How do the China Lancang-Mekong cooperation and the Mekong-US Partnership operate &ndash; the two international cooperation frameworks that are expanding political influence over Thailand and its neighbours? How much money has Thailand received? And what has been missing in this battle?</p>