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By Prachatai political editorial team |
<p>The change of laws which transfer the crown assets into the name of King Vajiralongkorn has made him one of the wealthiest monarch in the world. Prachatai take a look into related laws to find out whether they are taxable or not.</p>
By Metta Wongwat |
<p>Know the older generation whose eyes were opened. The Same Sky webboard and the first era of online exchange on the monarchy.</p>
By Nutcha Tantivitayapitak |
<p>For the first episode in a series on sexual violence, let&rsquo;s get to know Thailand&rsquo;s rape history with Pattarat Phantprasit, an academic historian, going from the case of Amdaeng-onsa to the present. For one hundred years the state and society have discriminated without ever changing their ideas. The &lsquo;good woman&rsquo; is still the standard used to deal with cases.&nbsp;</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>Where do the king&#39;s assets come from? In order to understand the discussion on monarchy reform and crown property, Prachatai traces the changes in how the monarchy&#39;s assets are managed through the Rattanakosin era.&nbsp;</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>The national budget bill for 2021 shows that government will spend 37.228 billion baht on monarchy, amounting to 1.12% of the total budget.</p>
By Bamaejuri Sohkhlet |
<p>The ongoing protests in Thailand are having a negative impact on the mental health of young activists as many protesters face legal charges for the work they are doing. For those struggling with mental health issues, there is very little assistance being provided to them.</p>
By Anna Lawattanatrakul |
<p>Representatives of four high school student activist groups tell stories of the harassment and legal prosecution they now face after speaking out about human rights violations they face in school, reiterating that the right to freedom of expression is a constitutional right, while vowing to keep fighting nonetheless.</p>
<p>Photos collection of the anti-Rasi Salai dam movement in 1990s, these images were taken over the years by four local amateur Thai photographers and community members, Sanun Chusakul, Pairor Sujinprum, Juthathip Damrongtrairat and Pranee Makhanun. They document an important part of this community struggle, showing protests and activities of resistance, as well as ways of life that now no longer exist.</p>
By Anna Lawattanatrakul |
<p>Members of the indigenous Karen communities living near the Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex have raised concerns over unresolved community rights issues ahead of the Thai government&rsquo;s 4th nomination of the forest for world heritage status in 2021.</p>
By Yiamyut Sutthichaya |
<p>A norm for some, a new challenge against taboos for others. Meet 3 dental students from Chulalongkorn University who joined the school students&rsquo; campaign calling for free choice of dress in a place where uniforms are obligatory for undergraduates.</p>
By Thidatep Piboon |
<p>Student-led pro-democracy protests have been going on for months. One of their tactics is to use royalist symbols, quotations and traditions as satirical weapons to challenge and criticize the government, tradition and society overall.</p>
By Supalak Ganjanakhundee |
<p>This article will explain the relationship between the monarchy and the armed forces in the modern reign in 2 parts: 1) royal government agencies which are directly under royal command; and 2) relations with the armed forces which the King has created through recently developed networks.</p>