20 Feb 2024
Since the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangkok's homeless population has been rising. With many of them elderly, advocates and experts now say raising the elderly pension is one solution. Meanwhile, imposing a wealth tax could help combat housing insecurity.
19 Feb 2024
The latest results of PISA have once again grabbed attention in Thailand after the performance of Thai students hit an unprecedented low over the two decades. Poor performance has persisted for generations and serves as just the visible tip of an iceberg where underlying problems are frozen. Topped with the passed largest allocation to Education Ministry, this raises doubts in society as to why the quality of Thai education continues to tread water.
16 Feb 2024
Many people with disabilities, especially those with spinal cord issues, suffer from pressure sores. Small abrasions can become infected, open wounds, which can make rehabilitation more difficult and make people with disabilities more dependent on others. Meanwile, securing welfare to cover the cost of medicine, rehabilitation and the use of medical facilities remains an issue.
8 Feb 2024
With at least 1,947 people facing prosecution for participating in the pro-democracy movement and 25 people detained pending trial or appeal, a network of civil society organisations is running a campaign to introduce to parliament an amnesty bill for pro-democracy activists and protesters, which they say is the first step towards reconciliation.
29 Jan 2024
The Thai government's plan for a carbon credit programme to achieve carbon neutrality has raised concerns among the civil society that it will lead to a new wave of conflict over land rights and that forest area will be handed over to the private sector.
16 Jan 2024
In August 2023, a network of civil society organizations launched the #ConforAll campaign for a referendum on constitutional amendments. After the network was told by the Election Commission that all signatures must be collected on paper, volunteers across the country launched their own campaigns to get people to sign the petition, gaining the ConforAll campaign 212,139 signatures within three days. For their effort in the campaign, Prachatai names these citizen volunteers our 2023 Persons of the Year.
26 Dec 2023
On 5 September 2014, five men were arrested and held in a military camp for questioning. Military officers claimed that they were the "Men in Black" firing war weapons on Tanao Road during the 10 April 2010 crackdown on Red Shirt protests. Although charges against them were later dismissed due to unreliable witness testimony, the men are still left in uncertainty as they have been indicted for terrorism and are to go on trial next year.
26 Dec 2023
Take a look back at the 14 May 2023 general election, now seen as a watershed event in Thai politics after the Move Forward party came out top of the poll and Pheu Thai polled second for the first time in its history. Many academics said that structural changes and and demands for a welfare state has become the new political normal. Meanwhile young working class voters no longer believe in the old political elite network, instead looking to politicians who offer inclusive policies that can provide them with long-term security.
12 Dec 2023
In a sewing factory on the Thai border, migrant workers are working in abusive condition and being paid less than minimum wage to sew garments. Those who demand a fair wage were fired. Their names were put on a blacklist, and other factory owners were told to not hire them. Now, they are filing a lawsuit with a court in the UK against clothing brands for ordering products from a factory that used forced labour and paid unfair wages.
20 Nov 2023
The Pattaya Beach Nourishment project has been underway for 6 years now in an attempt to solve the problem of beach erosion. Even though the approach is widely accepted internationally, there have been questions from the civil society sector about the project’s sustainability and inclusivity, once it was discovered that part of the beach was damaged by drainage water from the city. There are also concerns among local fishers about the disappearance of their source of income from the beach.
8 Nov 2023
Lighthouse Reports and Prachatai investigate the dumping of plastic waste from Europe and North America in Myanmar – Thailand was found to be a ‘corridor.’ We invite readers to track the routes and roles that have been hidden. Even though the Thai government announced a ban on plastic waste imports as of 2025, that does not include ‘transit.’ – So this means Thailand will continue to act as a route for sending plastic waste on to other countries.


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