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By Nidhi Eoseewong |
By Surat Sakunkhu |
<p>Silences, Histories, and the Future: On Thongchai Winichakul&rsquo;s Moments of Silence: The Unforgetting of the October 6, 1976, Massacre in Bangkok</p>
By Harrison George |
<p>In a verdict whose twisted and bizarre reasoning surprised no one, the Convolutional Court yesterday ruled that the punishments meted out by schools against students who refused to wear school uniforms were permissible.&nbsp;</p>
By Harrison George |
By Annie Game |
<p>It is&nbsp;good to know that, on the road to end impunity, we are in good company.&nbsp; 8 People worldwide highlighted for fighting against impunity.</p>
By Kwankaow Kongdecha |
<p>With the early morning declaration of a state of emergency on October 15 and the crackdown on the pro-democracy group on October 16 in the name of national security, Thailand is undergoing a rough path of democratic transitioning.</p>
By Nidhi Eoseewong |
<p><em>On 13 August 2020, historian Professor Nidhi Eoseewong released a written statement about the 6 October 1976 massacre to the public after a news agency incorrectly reported the views he shared during an interview. Prachatai disseminated the statement in Thai on the day it was released and here Prachatai English shares a translation as both the ongoing protests intensify and the 44th anniversary of the massacre approaches.</em></p>
By Paisarn Likhitpreechakul |
<p>They used to be ridiculed and bullied, but LGBT youths have now emerged among the leaders of Thailand&rsquo;s pro-democracy movement. In this article, Paisarn Likhitpreechakul writes about young LGBT activists in the current wave of student protests.</p>
By Harrison George |
By Thongchai Winichakul |
By Wirada Saelim |
<p>Wirada Saelim on how young people living in the culture of fear&nbsp;in Thailand are using Twitter to engage in politics and speak about issues that are often seen as controversial.&nbsp;</p>