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7 Feb 2024
Our resident satirist Harrison George returns with another piece on the UK government's plan to deport refugees to Rwanda, and Thailand's need to boost its human rights image.
13 Dec 2023
For a party that won an election but was denied power and which faces multiple legal and political attacks, the future looks surprisingly good for Move Forward.  The general consensus is that if they stay united and unprovoked, the next election will be a landslide. 
20 Jan 2023
A recent letter from the Royal Thai Police to the Ministry of Justice indicates that the police now want to delay implementation of the newly-touted points system for improving driver behaviour. 
7 Sep 2022
Just down the hallway from the sauna and karaoke room, the Senate complex has a bulletin board where notices and advertisements are posted for the benefit of Senators.  Some recently removed announcements seem to have been recovered from the parliamentary trash cans and are being used as paper bags for kluai thot. *           *           *           *           *           * Dependent Support
16 Aug 2022
Fresh from their success in eviscerating the law on cannabis, a coalition of anti-enjoyment organizations has engaged in a new battle and set its sights on even bigger target. The Stop Cannabis Addiction Movement (SCAM) aggressively lobbied parliamentarians to pass amendments to the recent cannabis law to severely restrict the production, sale and consumption of marijuana. 
21 Jun 2022
Experts are warning that Thailand risks a serious outbreak of a highly contagious disease that could lead to widespread ignorance and mass hysteria. High-ranking officials and politicians appear to be among the most highly vulnerable groups.
20 Apr 2022
HG's take on an ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine and how the language can be miscommunicated so well.
22 Mar 2022
HG's take on neutrality, Thainess, and war in Ukraine.
26 Jan 2022
An enduring conversation between HG and an amnesty-get-out someone.
20 Jan 2022
After years of fighting off disaster, the economy of the nation was on its knees. The government had been forced to spend well beyond its means to wage the war. At the same time, economic activity had been devastated, seriously reducing government revenue. The country was on the edge of a financial abyss...
27 Aug 2021
HG's story over a scenario when an excessive use of plastic (bags?) becomes the National Police's agenda.
3 Aug 2021
Harrison George presents you a conversation of a journalist and policemen, regarding news reporting.


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