3 Jul 2007
The Draft Bill on the Maintenance of National Security is riddled with problems and has given rise to many questions and suspicions in Thai society. We the undersigned organizations would like the current interim government and parliament to drop such a draconian draft bill and review what their role should be during this transition period.
29 Jun 2007
FORUM-ASIA) and Suara Rakyat Malaysia (SUARAM) called for an urgent intervention regarding the massive arrests of the Burmese asylum seekers and refugees in Malaysia in its open letter to Dato' Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, the Prime Minister of Malaysia.
29 Jun 2007
about 15 student activists and young activists under the banner of the Youth and Human Rights NGOs network gathered in front of the government house calling for the end to the consideration of the Internal Security Act (ISA), and burnt a effigy copy of the ISA as the sign to protest the draft act.
26 Jun 2007
Charoen Wat-aksorn was a well-known activist who, together with people of Bo Nok and Ban Krood, relentlessly fought coal-fired power plant projects in Prachuab Kirikan, until the government decided to relocate the projects to other provinces.   After that, he still continued to obstruct local influential figures from encroaching common lands for prawn farming.
26 Jun 2007
The draft ISA passed by the cabinet last week alerts many human rights groups on the speculation that this act will give excessive powers to the military, and primarily to the Director of the ISOC and the Army Chief. According to this draft act, the Army Chief in position will take up the post of the director of ISOC.
25 Jun 2007
A member of the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) expressed his comments about the draft of the Internal Security Act (ISA) which is to be examined in line with the draft of the Southern Boarder Provincial Administrative Center (SBPAC) Act.
25 Jun 2007
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Over 200 asylum-seekers and UNHCR-recognized refugees from Burma have been rounded up and taken into custody after early morning immigration raids today conducted by Malaysia's controversial People's Volunteer Corps (RELA) in Kuala Lumpur neighborhoods.
22 Jun 2007
Chulalongkorn University authorities are attempting to victimise the anti-military junta academic, Associate Professor Giles Ji Ungpakorn.
19 Jun 2007
On June 17, Assembly of the Poor (AOP) gathered at the Oct 14 Memorial to condemn the Council for National Security for its meddling in the government's decision to close the Pak Mun dam's sluice gates.
17 Jun 2007
For over the last ten years, Prachuab Kirikan's Thab Sakae district has been relatively peaceful, despite heated conflicts on coal-fired power projects in adjacent districts Ban Krood and Bo Nok.
16 Jun 2007
In a move human rights activists hailed as a step backward, the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA) voted Tuesday in favour of a constitution clause that allowed authorities to arrest, detain and conduct personal search without court warrant.
16 Jun 2007
The Community Organisation Development Assemby has proposed the Community Organisation Council Bill to the Cabinet on June 5, through the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security. The bill is now under the consideration of the Council of State after the Interior Ministry opposed the bill saying it overlap with works of the local administrative organizations.


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