31 Jan 2008
On Jan 28, the anti-coup groups Pollamueng Piwattana and Women for Democracy lodged a complaint at the Administrative Court against the government's executive decree that raises the salaries of privy councillors and statesmen.
30 Jan 2008
On Jan 27, operating under Martial Law, Special Forces Unit 11 searched a dormitory and arrested 7 students of Rajabhat University and the Physical Science Institute in Yala, when they were about to join a football game.
30 Jan 2008
Metropolitan Police sent a letter dated Jan 18, 2008, to the Rector of Thammasat University, seeking his cooperation to withhold sales of ‘A Coup for the Rich' by Giles Ungphakorn in the university's book centre. The police claim that ‘the book contains passages containing lèse majesté offences, and may lead the Thai people to misunderstand the King'.
29 Jan 2008
On Jan 25, negotiations between Hoya Company and its workers took place at the Office of Labour Welfare and Protection in Lamphun.  Four more demands were settled in the late afternoon, and all 13 demands that were agreed were written down as an employment agreement.
27 Jan 2008
The gunner is identified but his whereabouts are not clear. Other opposition leaders flee after receiving death threats from local mafia.
26 Jan 2008
On Jan 24, supporters of Sahaviriya's smelting plant clashed with the Mae Ramphueng conservation group at the construction site in Bang Saphan district, Prachuab Khiri Khan, when the conservation group was trying to prevent subcontractors from digging drainage ditches. One supporter was killed by a gunshot, and four opponents injured.
25 Jan 2008
They were charged with being the leaders of a demonstration last year which invaded parliament, calling for the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to end deliberation of laws that would have a grave impact on people's freedom and liberty such as the Internal Security Act. During the activists' appearance before the police at police headquarters, about 100 people were present to give support.
24 Jan 2008
AJI ended 2007 deeply concerned with the rising violence againstjournalists and with the trend of increasing prosecution of journalists bygovernment and the community.
24 Jan 2008
The Burmese military junta has put up another hurdle forInternet users in Burma by blocking the website
23 Jan 2008
On 14 January 2008 after Metropolitan Police Headquarters pressed charges against 10 key activists of trespassing in parliament on 12 December 2007. On that date there was a demonstration calling on the National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to halt consideration of a number of laws that were seen to support the abuse of human rights.
22 Jan 2008
Thai Public Broadcasting Service (TPBS) first went on air on Jan 17. Prachatai interviewed ML Nattakorn Devakula, a news anchor on Channel 11.
21 Jan 2008
A recommendation made by the Chairperson of the Presidential Transition Team to bring the National Human Rights Commission of Korea (NHRCK) under the immediate control of the President threatens the independence of this commission.


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