10 May 2022
The online shopping app LAZADA has become the target of a boycott by the Thai authorities and netizens in protest against their online sales campaign that has been seen as mocking the disabled, with royalists also angry that it somehow defames the monarchy.
1 Sep 2017
The courts have dismissed defamation charges against a controversial motivational speaker who in a talk last year accused Isaan people of being disloyal to the late King Bhumibol.   November last year, Thai social media was flooded with video clips of motivational speaker Orapim ‘Best’ Raksapon. She was reportedly subsidised by the Royal Thai Army to give lectures on the late King Bhumibol across the country.
17 Apr 2017
Activists have filed a complaint to the police over the mysterious disappearance of the plaque commemorating the 1932 Revolution of the People’s Party, which ended the absolutism of the Chakri Dynasty. On 16 April 2017, four people lodged a complaint at Dusit District Police Station, Bangkok, urging the police to investigate the disappearance of the brass plaque commemorating the 1932 Revolution.
14 Apr 2017
As Thais celebrate Songkran Festival, one of the few remaining landmarks commemorating the 1932 democratic revolution has been quietly removed. On 14 April 2017, the brass plaque commemorating the 1932 Revolution at the Royal Plaza in Bangkok disappeared.
12 Jan 2017
Thailand’s military government has taken up the late King Bhumibol’s philosophies and knowledge as the main theme for Children’s Day in 2017. On 11 January 2017, Col Thaksada Sangchan, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office, said that from 8 am-3 pm on 14 January the government will organise an event for Children’s Day at the Government House in Bangkok, according to Wassana Nanuam, a Bangkok Post reporter.
29 Nov 2016
Villagers have demanded a school director leave the province because she wore a red dress at a party.  
2 Nov 2016
Social media was abuzz is Wednesday after an ultra-royalist threatened on Monday to destroy the 1932 Revolution plaque located next to Rama V’s equestrian statue.
26 Oct 2016
Recent ‘witch hunts’ as Thailand mourns its late King are the consequence of hyper-royalism, a culture of impunity and political polarisation, says a Thai sociologist. He speculates the hunts will last until celebrations for the new throne are completed.
17 Oct 2016
Thai police have arrested two more people accused of lèse majesté in Southern Thailand, after royalist mobs stormed a soymilk and then a roti shop to hunt for lèse majesté suspects over the weekend. Soldiers and police have also searched a house in the Northeast whose owner is accused of lèse majesté.     On 16 October 2016, police officers took a suspect accused of violating Article 112 of the Criminal Code, the lèse majesté law, to a police station in Koh Samui District of the southern province of Surat Thani.
16 Oct 2016
An angry mob has stormed a roti shop in Southern Thailand, accusing the owner’s son of posting lèse majesté messages on Facebook. At night on 15 October 2016, a large mob of at least 100 people stormed a roti shop in Takua Thung District of the southern Phang Nga Province to look for a seaman of the Royal Thai Navy who is the son of the roti shop owner. The mob accused the seaman of posting messages on Facebook deemed defamatory to the Thai monarchy and demanded that he apologise for such action publically.
2 Sep 2016
The leader of an ultra-royalist group has urged the Courts of Justice not to let people with an ‘insulting attitude’ towards the Thai monarchy become judges. Maj Gen Rienthong Nanna, leader of the so-called Rubbish Collection Organisation (RCO), an ultra-royalist group, on Thursday, 1 September 2016, submitted a letter to the Office of the Judiciary, the secretariat of the Courts of Justice, to prevent a certain man from becoming an assistant judge, the Manager Online reported.
7 Aug 2016
A Thai royalist has threatened to hit a woman in the head for chewing popcorn while the Thai royal anthem was playing in a cinema. Kapook.com on Saturday, 6 August 2016, posted a video which has been shared virally on ‘YouLike (คลิปเด็ด)’. The video clip ‘Almost getting hit in the head for chewing popcorn’ is from a Facebook account named ‘Senerys Targaryens’.


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