Election Commission of Thailand (ECT)

23 Aug 2023
The campaign to petition for a constitutional amendment referendum faces potential delay as the Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) told the the People’s Constitution Drafting Group, just hours after the petition gained the required number of signatures, that online forms will not be accepted and all 50,000 must be collected on paper.
1 Aug 2023
The Election Commission (EC) plans to take legal action against a Move Forward Party (MFP) MP after it was found that he was previously convicted of theft.
16 Jul 2023
Attempts to disqualify Move Forward Party leader Pita Limjaroenrat and block his bid to become the next Prime Minister have sparked a wave of protests during the past week in several provinces calling for the Senate and the House of Representative to approve his nomination as Prime Minister, as his party won the most seats in the last general election.
13 Jul 2023
The Election Commission has submitted a petition under Section 82 of the Constitution, asking the Constitutional Court to decide the iTV share case of Move Forward Party leader Pita Limcharoenrat.
15 Jun 2023
Members of an election watch network comprising civil society groups gathered at the Election Commission (EC) Office in Bangkok yesterday (14 June) to demand that the certified election results be declared as soon as possible so that a new government can be formed.
14 Jun 2023
Activists and academics in Chiang Mai gathered in front of the Chiang Mai Election Commission Office this morning (14 June) to demand that the Election Commission (EC) urgently certify the results of the 14 May general election.
12 Jun 2023
The Election Commission (EC) has rejected a complaint filed against Move Forward party’s Pita Limjaroenrat over iTV shares and several other complaints against the party, but will launch an investigation to see if Pita has applied to run as MP knowing he is not qualified.
9 Jun 2023
A group of pro-democracy activists have demanded that the Election Commission (EC) certify the results of the 14 May general election by 20 June and dismiss the complaint against Move Forward Party leader and prime minister candidate Pita Limjaroenrat over iTV shares because it is no longer a media provider.
28 May 2023
The Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) has released the final vote count of the 2023 general election, but said that it still has to ensure that no fraud has occurred before it can announce the certified result.
9 May 2023
As crowds of voters flocked to polling stations across the country on Sunday (7 May) to vote early or outside of their home province, they faced many issues, from names missing from the registered list to missing candidate profiles.
27 Apr 2023
A Thai national residing in northern Germany revealed an abnormality in the overseas voting process, finding that a flap on the envelope was torn off before it was sent to Germany. They added that another 3 voters in the same house had the same experience.
11 Apr 2023
The advance voting registration website went down for several hours on Sunday night (9 April) ahead of the midnight registration deadline, leading to calls for the Election Commission to extend the registration dates.


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