Worachet Pakeerut

4 Dec 2020
In response to a petition filed by law academic Worachet Pakeerut, who was summoned and charged by the NCPO junta, the Constitutional Court has ruled that junta orders that forcibly summon people to military camps and punish them for not doing so violate the constitution.
3 Jul 2015
Amnesty International and the National Human Rights Commission visited the 14 embattled anti-junta activists at Bangkok prisons on Thursday, while about a hundred people gathered to offer moral support to the jailed activists.   The activists, mostly students, protested against the junta and had been arrested for their nonviolent protests on 26 June.    On Thursday, two representatives from Amnesty International visited the activists and issued an urgent action to call for the activists’ release.   The arreste
3 Jul 2015
The Thai authorities have put 13 of the 14 anti-junta activists into separate prison cells, a decision which the activists in detention have protested, saying that it has political implications. On Thursday, 2 June 2015, Bangkok Remand Prison separated the 13 male anti-junta activists in custody into groups of 2-3 and detained them in different compounds of the prison.
26 May 2015
The Bangkok military court on Tuesday held the first witness hearing in the case where Worachet Pakeerut, courageous law academic from Thammasat University, is accused of twice defying the coup makers’ orders to report in.    Observers from Thai and international human rights organizations and the US and German Embassies came to observe the trial.    The public prosecutor filed two charges against Worachet for defying NCPO Orders No. 5/2014, issued on 24 May 2014, and No. 57/2014, issued on 9 June 2014.
26 Jan 2015
Bangkok’s Military Court dismissed a petition questioning its jurisdiction, submitted by Worachet Pakeerut, a prominent law academic and core member of the Nitirat group, who was charged with failing to report to the junta.     According to Free Thai Legal Aid (FTLA), the Military Court of Bangkok on Monday morning rejected the petition submitted by Worachet.
8 Sep 2014
  Bangkok Military Court on Monday sentenced an anti-coup protester to six months in jail and sentenced red-shirt figure ‘Tom Dundee’ to a year in jail for not reporting as ordered by the junta. The sentences were halved and suspended because they pleaded guilty.
18 Jun 2014
  Thai police on Wednesday charged Worachet Pakeerut, a law academic from Thammasat University and member of the courageous Nitirat group, for not reporting to the junta -- on time.    He was released from Bangkok Remand Prison at about 6.30 pm on Wednesday.   Worachet flew back from Hong Kong to Don Muang International Airport in Bangkok on Monday. The Immigration Police detained him and took him to the Army Club in Theves, Bangkok.
13 May 2014
Thailand last week was stunned by the Constitutional Court’s ruling to remove Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and some cabinet members from their caretaker positions.
31 Mar 2012
Mrs. Rosmalin Tangnoppakul, the wife of Mr. Amphon Tangnoppakul, who was prosecuted and convicted to 20 years in prison under Article 112, wrote a letter to Professor Worachet Pakeerut after he was assaulted in late February 2012.  The attack on Professor Worachet came after the Khana Nitirat (“Law for the People”) proposed the amendment of Article 112.  Prachatai received permission from Mrs. Rosmalin to publish the letter.
9 Mar 2012
On 8 March, Dusit Municipal Court sentenced Suphot and Suphat Silarat to 3 months in prison for assaulting law lecturer Worachet Pakeerut in late February.
7 Mar 2012
Some Thais just hate other Thais who think differently, especially when it comes to the issue of the monarchy. Supot and Supat Silarat, who last week assaulted Worachet Pakeerut, leader of the Nitirat group of law lecturers who proposed an amendment to the draconian lese majeste law, told police the attack sprang from "differences in opinions".


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