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<div> <div>A military spokesman earlier blamed the death of a corporal on his poor health, rather than on inhumane and excessive-punishment imposed by his superior officer, and the junta leader has reiterated the claim and urged the media to stop reporting about the death, and focus on the Army’s good side.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Last week, the public was outraged over the death of an Army corporal, Panya Ngoenrian. </div></div>
<p>The Thai junta’s spokesman has claimed that activists demanding an investigation into the Rajabhakti Park scandals aim to sabotage and discredit the government.</p> <p>According to the&nbsp;<a href="">Thai News Agency</a>, Col Winthai Suvaree, spokesperson for the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), told the media on Saturday, 19 December 2015, that some of the activists demanding an investigation into the Rajabhakti Park scandals have repeatedly violated NCPO orders.</p>
<p dir="ltr">The Thai junta has prohibited an anti-establishment red shirt group to organise a discussion on the 2015 Constitution Draft, saying that the group would propagate false information to malise the regime. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>The junta has responded to criticism by Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) that freedoms of expression and assembly were denied, after the police forced cancellation of a TLHR talk on human rights.</p> <p>On Friday 5 June, Col Winthai Suwaree, spokesperson of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), said that the TLHR did not cooperate with the NCPO in the first place. If the NCPO had considered the report to make sure that its content is truthful and did not incite conflict, then the event could have been held, Winthai said. &nbsp;</p>
<p><a href=";typecate=06&amp;section=">Khaosod English</a>:&nbsp;Thailand's military junta will retain its ban on political activities, which was imposed nearly one year ago, despite calls from the leader of the Pheu Thai party to repeal the prohibition.</p> <p>The sec-gen of the Pheu Thai party, which led the government toppled in the May 2014 coup, urged the junta yesterday to lift the ban and allow political parties to organize conferences and discuss the constitution being drafted by a junta-appointed body.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The Thai police have denied allegations of torture by the Bangkok court bombing suspects, claiming that the suspects did not say anything as such. Meanwhile, human rights lawyers requested to see the medical examination reports of the suspects. &nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p>Pol Lt Gen Prawut Thavornsiri, spokesperson of the Royal Thai Police, on Thursday dismissed the allegations. &nbsp;</p> <p>“I already asked each of the suspects myself during the medical examination, but no one said anything,” said the police spokesman.</p>
<p>After anti-junta activists urged the court of justice not to let military courts try civilians, the Thai junta responded by pointing out that special security measures are needed to maintain national security and warned activists that a planned rally might be viewed as creating a situation.</p> <p>Col Winthai Suwaree, the spokesperson of the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) on Friday stated that extra security measures are needed to maintain national security under the current volatile circumstances and that the standards of the military and civil courts are the same.</p>
By Harrison George |
<p>You see, we need martial law so that we can enjoy the calm and order that has been achieved since the coup. &nbsp;(Well, as long as we ignore the south, but then everybody always ignores the south.)&nbsp; If we didn’t have martial law, who knows what mayhem and anarchy would result.</p> <p>And when the odd bit of mayhem and anarchy does occur, then we need martial law to put an end to the very thing that martial law was supposed to prevent.</p>
<p><a href="">Khaosod English:</a> &nbsp;A spokesperson for Thailand's military junta explained to a group of foreign dignitaries today that the Kingdom's lese majeste law is needed to protect the "feelings" of the Thai people.</p>
<div>&nbsp;</div> <div> <div>A junta spokesman on Sunday denied the allegations by red-shirt activist Kritsuda Khunasen that the military tortured her during her illegal detention and forced her to lie on TV that she was happy, insisting that her happiness was real, according to Matichon Online.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Col Winthai Suvaree, spokesman for the junta’s National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), said he was “surprised” by what the red-shirt activist said during an interview with Jom Petchpradab, a veteran independent journalist, published on YouTube and released on Saturda </div></div>
<div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>A Thai military junta spokesman said on Thursday that the free screening of the patriotic historical movie King Naresuan 5 should not be called populism and that the free seats are from the “kindness” of the private sector.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Col Winthai Suvaree, spokesman of the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO), said calling this campaign “populism” is not fair to the military and the private sector who showed their “ </div></div>