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12 Oct 2015
An embattled transgender activist has filed charges against one of Thailand’s most famous universities for not hiring her as a full-time lecturer because of ‘unjust’ reasons despite her faculty’s approval.    Kath Khangpiboon, a well-known LGBTI activist from the Thai Transgender Alliance (Thai TGA), at 11 am, on Monday 12 October 2015, filed lawsuits against Thammasat University, the second oldest university in Thailand, and the university committee at the Administrative Court of Bangkok.
28 Jul 2015
Research shows an increase in the number of young middle-class Thai women marrying white men.
1 Jul 2015
Young activists entered a cage installed in front of Thammasat University to support the 14 anti-junta activists The students activists from the League of Liberal Thammasat for Democracy (LLTD) on Wednesday, 1 July 2015, placed a cage as a replica of prison cells on the pavement in front of the wall of Thammasat University, Tha Prachan Campus, in Bangkok.
29 Jun 2015
Pro-democracy activists and people from all walks of life gathered at Thammasat University and Bangkok Remand Prison on Sunday to give moral support for 14 embattled anti-junta activists in custody. At noon on Sunday, many students from the Liberal League of Thammasat for Democracy (LLTD), activists, academics and others gathered in front of the Tha Prachan Campus of Thammasat University to attached placards with messages to support the 14 student activists on the campus wall.
22 Jun 2015
A leading university in Thailand has turned down an appeal from an embattled transgender lecturer, who was denied a lecturer position for her prominent role as an LGBT activist.
26 May 2015
The Bangkok military court on Tuesday held the first witness hearing in the case where Worachet Pakeerut, courageous law academic from Thammasat University, is accused of twice defying the coup makers’ orders to report in.    Observers from Thai and international human rights organizations and the US and German Embassies came to observe the trial.    The public prosecutor filed two charges against Worachet for defying NCPO Orders No. 5/2014, issued on 24 May 2014, and No. 57/2014, issued on 9 June 2014.
29 Apr 2015
The student organisations of Thammasat University united forces to demand that the Thai authorities put off the university privatisation bill, saying that more public participation is needed.   The student council and organisations from various faculties of Thammasat University on Wednesday afternoon issued a joint statement to urge the junta’s National Legislative Assembly (NLA) to postpone the final reading of the bill to privatise Thammasat university. According to the initial plan, the bill will be reviewed by the NLA for the last time on 7 May.
22 Apr 2015
A famous university in Bangkok has decided to fire a transgender lecturer, saying that she behaved inappropriately in the media. Kath Khangpiboon, 28, a transgender lecturer of the Faculty of Social Administration of Thammasat University, the second oldest university in Thailand, on Tuesday night posted on her Facebook profile that the university’s administrative committee decided to fire her after she had been teaching for about 10 months.
23 Mar 2015
Community members, lawyers, academics, and students from the Northeast and Bangkok convened this Friday to kick off a new political movement to defend the rights of Isaan people under martial law. Community members openly discuss widespread repression under martial law in a rare event held in Bangkok on Friday.
17 Mar 2015
Somsak Jeamteerasakul, an embattled lèse majesté critic and ex-Thammasat history lecturer in self-imposed exile has submitted an appeal to the Thai authorities regarding the decision by Thammasat University to sack him. 
11 Mar 2015
The junta cabinet has approved bills to privatise two prominent state universities, saying that there is no need to ask students since the bills were proposed by the universities and many other universities have already undergone the same process.


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