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4 Mar 2021
Reporters Without Borders and Committee to Protect Journalists expressed concerns over the threats journalists met from the authorities amidst the soaring crackdown in Myanmar. They demand the Myanmar government to release them unconditionally and to drop the charges against them.
1 Feb 2021
As the Myanmar military seizes power, detains politicians and declares a 1-year state of emergency, the democratic opposition in Thailand condemns the putsch and holds a protest in front of the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok while the Thai government reserves comment.
7 Jan 2021
While resistance in some institutions is clearly visible, the same cannot be said of the judiciary. The “twilight zone” remains as mysterious as ever, but Thais cannot help but ask whether something surreptitious is going on in there.
5 Nov 2020
Atlas VPN, a VPN provider, says that VPN installs surged by 644% in Thailand after the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society (MDES) restricted access to Pornhub.
26 Oct 2020
Immediately after Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha took one step back by lifting the severe state of emergency, the government stepped up 3 actions against citizens - accusing the protesters of inciting violence, arresting activists and public figures, and paving the way for yellow shirt protesters and ultraroyalist terrorists.
30 Sep 2020
Women and the LGBT community have joined pro-democracy protests campaigning to abolish patriarchy, gender stereotypes and social norms that marginalize gender equality. They are also collecting signatures for petitions to decriminalize abortion and sex work.
30 Sep 2020
Encapsulating hope and inspiration for a better Thailand, it was unprecedented in many ways. In the first episode of this report, here is a recap of the 19-20 September protest.
19 Sep 2020
The protesters are becoming better organized as they get help from public figures, celebrities and experts. But the police are just as sophisticated as they have come up with a new plan to deal with the protesters. Both sides are facing a tough fight in the hours to come.
17 Sep 2020
19 September is the day another large protest is planned in Thailand. The organizers say there may be 50,000-100,000 protesters gathered at Thammasat University’s Tha Phra Chan Campus. However, the university administration has prohibited them from entering the campus, claiming the students will not follow its rules. 
10 Sep 2020
Monday 7 September was supposed to be a peaceful holiday, but a Thai translation of Gene Sharp’s book The Anti-Coup suddenly spread all over social media as a tank was spotted on a street by Thai netizens. 
17 Aug 2020
Last night’s student protest is now dubbed the largest demonstration in Thailand since the 2014 military coup, after more than 20,000 people joined to press their three demands for the government. 
1 Aug 2020
Despite attempts at intervention at all levels by state agents, student-led protests against dictatorship have continued nationwide for a second consecutive week.


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