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By Nidhi Eoseewong |
<p>If one thinks that the song &ldquo;Scum of the Earth&rdquo; is merely another patriotic song produced by the Thai government, then one has gravely misunderstood.</p><p>The lyrics of all of the songs referred to as patriotic -- beginning when the Sayamanusathi was put to music and up until the songs of Luang Wichit and all the others -- aim to promote the unity of Thais to fight against enemies who were outsiders.</p>
By Prachatai English Editorial Board |
<p>Thailand is now stuck in a political stalemate. The democratic camp can win the House, but cannot choose the Prime Minister, while the pro-junta camp can choose the Prime Minister but cannot pass legislation through the House. Only one casualty for the democratic camp, and Thailand will be under a disguised military dictatorship for the next four years.</p>
By Muhammad Ilyas Yahprung |
By Thanthawut Taweewarodomkul |
By Nattavud Pimpa |
By L. Fritz |
<p>From 1965 to 1968, the late US Senator John McCain flew in 23 bombing missions under &lsquo;Operation Rolling Thunder&rsquo;. The missions collectively claimed the lives of at least 72,000 Vietnamese civilians.</p>