17 Jul 2007
On 11 July 2007 at around 1.00 pm, About 30 members of the 19 September Network against the Coup and the Student Federation of Thailand (SFT) gathered in front of Srijulsup Building which houses the National Election Commission (ECT). Those gathered stated that their intent was to educate the ECT and society on the referendum.
17 Jul 2007
After 2 days of debate to find its stand on the draft 2007 constitution, on 15 July 2007, NGO Coordinating Committee on Development (NGO-COD) announced its rejection of the draft charter.
17 Jul 2007
On 15 July 2007, the People's Assembly for Political Reform (PAPR) announced its endorsement of the draft charter.
14 Jul 2007
The Cabinet resolution of June 12 to close the sluice gates of Pak Mun Dam permanently, and the rekindled 10-year-old land dispute between people and the military at Mae Ram village, Mae Rim district, Chiang Mai, reflect the return of a military presence in conflicts between the state and the people.
13 Jul 2007
Pak Mun villagers have deplored the government's dismissal of their suffering and vowed to open the dam themselves.
11 Jul 2007
People affected by Pak Mun dam were disappointed their demand was ignored by the Cabinet.  They went inside the Government compound, insisting to talk.   Police forced them out.
10 Jul 2007
Midnight University--a group of academics based in Chiang Mai, together with the Sept 19 Network Against Coup d'etat and the Students Federation of Thailand will hold a special lecture right in front of the Election Commission headquarters in Bangkok on Wednesday July 11 at 1pm.
9 Jul 2007
Mr. Sombat Boon-ngamanong, the key member of the Pola Muang Wiwat Group (Also known as Thai Say No Group) and Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship was released around 7.30 pm on 7 July 2007 after being held for about one day at the Meng Rai Maharaj Military Camp in Chiang Rai.
9 Jul 2007
(Hong Kong, July 9, 2007) A new publication by the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC) documents the "serious threat" facing constitutionalism in Thailand under the September 19 coup group.
6 Jul 2007
On July 5, the Administrative Court rejected a complaint by the 19 Sept Network against Coup d'etat asking the Court to prohibit the Constitution Drafting Assembly (CDA)'s Public Relations Committee to publicize its advertisements persuading the public to vote for the draft constitution in the upcoming national referendum
6 Jul 2007
Prachatai - 6 July 2007 The reporter of Prachatai reported that at approximately 7.20 pm at the bus terminal in Muang District, Chiang Rai Province - Mr. Sombat Boon-ngamanong the core leader of the Pola Muang Wiwat Group, one of the anti-coup groups, which has joined the Democratic Alliance against Dictatorship (DAAD) was arrested by the soldiers. Mr. Sombat was charged by about 4-5 military forces while after 20 minutes of his speech asking the Council for National Security (CNS) to resign.
5 Jul 2007
A press conference on the campaign to reject the constitution and a seminar entitled, "Will the campaign to reject the constitution delay the election?" was held on 1st July 2007 at Thammasat University


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