3 Jun 2008
A Singaporean-US lawyer has been charged in a Singapore court for allegedly insulting a judge in emails and his blog, wire reports say.
1 Jun 2008
Below is a statement from the BBC's Asia Bureau Editor Paul Danahar, to allegations of lèse majesté made against the BBC's South East Asia Correspondent Jonathan Head by Lieutenant Colonel Watanasak Mungkijakandee to the Crime Suppression Division of the Royal Thai Police on Friday 30 May 2008.
30 May 2008
Thanks to the allegation made by the Democrat Party, Prachatai has explored the websites, including its own, alleged to have lèse majesté content, and has found that almost none of them websites have anything to do with lèse majesté. Instead, it turns out that most of them are not in favour of the Democrat Party itself.
30 May 2008
Over 100 countries will negotiate the cluster munition treaty in Dublin, Ireland from 19-30 May 2008. At the negotiations, they will agree to the final language of the treaty. The negotiations will be based on a draft treaty that sets out a comprehensive ban but certain countries are likely to seek exceptions or delays to allow continued use of their own cluster bombs.
28 May 2008
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that two websites were illegally blocked and charged under the Computer Crime Act while twenty nine sites face closure under the same legislation for allowing an open-forum discussion talking about the Thai monarchy.
22 May 2008
On 18 May 2008, the Democratic Heroes Foundation together with the Confederation for Democracy held a forum entitled “16 years after Black May1992: Anti-Dictatorship Movement toward Democracy” at the Rattanakosin hotel, attended by around 400 people. The leader of the Confederation for Democracy held a press briefing in response to remarks made by General Chamlong Srimuang, a leader of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD) on 17 May at Santiporn Park.
22 May 2008
Information and Communications Technology Minister Man Pattanothai said that so far internet service providers had not dared to block websites found to have lèse majesté content for fear of breaching the National Telecommunications Commission law that forbids blocking information flows, with a maximum penalty of licence revocation.
21 May 2008
Cyclone Nagris has caused extensive damage in Burma. According to the latest reports from the official TV news in Burma, at least 78,000 people have died and 56,000 are missing. Estimates from groups concerned with the incident even speculate the death toll could be over one hundred thousand.
20 May 2008
We, concerned ASEAN Thai NGOs, civil society groups and migrant worker associations, are perturbed by the failure of the Burmese government to provide prompt and immediate response to the victims of cyclone Nargis and the tidal surge, which hit Burma on 3rd May 2008, and to date, have caused the death of more than 100 thousand persons and has rendered millions of families homeless. A prompt and immediate response would have saved so many lives and prevented unnecessary further sufferings. We cannot accept this government sponsored crimes against humanity.
20 May 2008
At least 20 websites are being investigated for content deemed to be critical of or offensive to the monarchy. A police source at the High-Tech Crime Centre said a list of "inappropriate" websites, compiled about a month ago, has been handed over to the Special Branch Police.  
17 May 2008
On the evening of 14 May 2008, the "Khao Den Praden Ron" news programme on FM 96.5 MHz aired a telephone interview with Dr. Man Pattanotai, Minister of Information and Communication Technology concerning reports on the blockage of websites featuring lèse majesté messages or images.The following is a transcript of the interview concerning the denial of access to certain websites in instructions from the MICT.
16 May 2008
Participants at a defamation seminar hosted by ARTICLE 19 and AJI in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, called on countries in the region to abolish criminal defamation laws and to reform their civil defamation laws to bring them into line with international standards.


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