8 Dec 2007
Fighter for social justice.   Wanida Tantiwittayapitak, or Mod, was born on 7 November 1955 to a Chinese-Thai family in Bangkok. She was part of the democratic movement and environmentalism since she was a student at Mahapruktharam Secondary School.  
6 Dec 2007
Today, Thai civil society mourns the loss of Wanida (Mot) Tantiwittayapitak, who has died after a long illness. Prachatai offers this translation of a poem that she wrote a few years ago as a tribute to a firefly whose light will always inspire. 
5 Dec 2007
NGOs send a thank you letter to the provincial governor for approving migrant community in hosting cultural activities
4 Dec 2007
The cabinet has declared martial law as of Nov 27 on various areas across the country including several districts in Prachuab Khiri Khan where local people have been fighting against mega-projects including Sahaviriya's planned smelting plant in Bang Saphan and EGAT's coal-fired power project in Thab Sakae.
29 Nov 2007
A public seminar was held on 24 November 2007 at the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, on "Migrant Labour and Racial Discrimination". Jointly organized by Professor Khanueng Ruechai, the Faculty of Law, Thammasat University, the Cross-Cultural Foundation, the Migrant Working Group and Stateless Watch.
27 Nov 2007
In an interview with Prachadhrama News, Prof. Dr. Anand Kanchanaphan, from the Faculty of Social Science, Chiang Mai University, one of the academics who have been pushing for the Community Forest Bill together with the people's sector and who was appointed to the committee to review the law, gave his views on the version of the Community Forest Act endorsed by the NLA.
23 Nov 2007
In recent weeks, authorities in Thailand have acted to curtail the rights of persons who are among the most vulnerable in society.
22 Nov 2007
Sahaviriya Steel Group is set to start clearing land for the planned construction of its smelting plant in Prachuab Khiri Khan, while local people and environmentalists are getting prepared for confrontation.
22 Nov 2007
An estimated 33.2 million adults and children are living with HIV at the end of 2007, including 2.5 million newly infected. More than two million men, women and children died of AIDS-related complications over the past year, bringing the cumulative number of deaths to more than 20 million.
22 Nov 2007
Local people in Prachuab Khiri Khan gathered to pressure local authorities to halt the giant steel company's site clearance for its planned construction of a smelting plant. The Chair of Mae Ramphueng administrative body finally gave in and revoked the approval he previously gave to allow clearance of the site.
21 Nov 2007
Following its analysis of a leaked copy of the ASEAN Charter, FORUM-ASIA is urging for the postponement of the signing of the ASEAN Charter until meaningful consultation has taken place with the people of Southeast Asia
21 Nov 2007
Hundreds of southern insurgent suspects detained in military bases for occupational training programmes and banned from returning home by order of the 4th Army Commander, finally came home and met their families after the ban order was lifted.


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