26 Aug 2008
Reporters Without Borders secretary general Robert Ménard has written to Google CEO Eric Schmidt and one of Google's founders, Sergey Brin, about a defamation lawsuit that the Indian construction company Gremach brought against Google's Indian subsidiary, Google India Private Ltd, in February 2008.
19 Aug 2008
The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a union leader was dismissed allegedly for wearing a protest T-shirt while outside of work on July 30, 2008. While a protest regarding her dismissal has continued, tens of colleagues who held a protest were threatened with dismissal and suspension.
18 Aug 2008
On Aug 14, Triumph Labour Union vowed to continue its campaign until its demands are met by the employer, the Body Fashion (Thailand) Ltd.
18 Aug 2008
Assoc Prof Worawit Charoenlert of the Faculty of Economics, Chiang Mai University, gave this interview after the Ministry of Labour revoked the registration of the Labour Union of Hoya Glass Disk
18 Aug 2008
The severe flood occurring to the Mekong River during the past week has been causing much suffering to people living along the River, all the way from the Chiang Saen and the Chiang Khong district in the Chiang Rai province, Thailand, down to the Vientiane municipality, Lao PDR, as well as to the Nongkhai and the Nakhonpanom province, Thailand.
16 Aug 2008
Outspoken anti-coup activist has been detained in prison since July 22.  Two attempts have been made to post bail for her, but have failed.
13 Aug 2008
Body Fashion Thailand (BFT) is experiencing an illegal strike at its factory in Bangplee. The strike is apparently an effort to force the company to reinstate a former employee whose employment has been terminated legally.
13 Aug 2008
Until today thousands of workers have staged protest rallies outside the factory gates to put pressure on the employer; the workers demand is for the company to recognize the basic human rights of the workers. 
9 Aug 2008
During the 10th International Conference on Thai Studies at Thammasat University in January 2008, Fah Diew Kan interviewed Andrew Walker, an anthropologist from the Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies, Australia National University, after his presentation on ‘Royal Sufficiency and Elite Misrepresentation of Rural Livelihoods’ in one of the panels.
8 Aug 2008
Members of Reporters Without Borders today broadcast "Radio Without Borders," China's only independent FM radio station, in Beijing just hours before the start of the Olympic Games opening ceremony.
8 Aug 2008
Painters, poets, singers, photographers, dramatists, authors, film-makers, musicians, and other artists are targeted because of their art and creation: they are silenced and censored through imprisonment, harassment, intimidation, and in the worse cases, killed.
8 Aug 2008
Speakers at the XVII International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2008) today underscored the importance of simultaneously scaling up AIDS programmes and strengthening health systems in poor countries, emphasizing that the two goals should be viewed as allies, not adversaries.


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