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4 Jan 2024
Despite threats from the Cambodian government, who claim he is damaging the country’s image, 39-year-old Prak Pheaktra, a Cambodian migrant worker-turned-advocate, is striving to help other Cambodian workers facing unfair treatment from their employers.
24 Nov 2023
A Cambodian worker was arrested for money laundering after a broker convinced him to sell his bank account, raising concerns about migrant workers’ vulnerability to illegal activities.
3 Jul 2023
On Sunday (2 July), the Myanmar migrant worker network Bright Future met in front of the UN headquarters in Bangkok ahead of the birthday of coup leader Gen Min Aung Hlaing on Monday to call on Thailand’s new government not to support the Myanmar junta.
14 Feb 2023
A new short film by the Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) explores challenges and abuses faced by migrant workers working on rose plantations in Thailand, including difficult working conditions and unfair wages.
5 Dec 2022
The Labour Court in Phuket has ordered a construction company to pay 6 migrant workers their outstanding wages after the workers filed a complaint that their employer hired them to work at a construction site but did not pay them.
19 Sep 2022
The long and ongoing fight between the Migrant Workers Rights Network (MWRN) and the Thai government over the right to form a union is still not over. What changes could help ensure ethical workplace practices and improve the quality of migrant workers’ lives?
7 Sep 2022
Cambodian workers working in Thailand have complained that they are required by their employers to file multiple documents in order to be allowed to work legally. Beside the additional bureaucracy, document handling costs imposed by agencies have largely overwhelmed their daily wages.
15 Jul 2022
The Central Court of Appeal has ruled to overturn a decision made by the Ministry of Justice's Committee to Determine Compensation to Aggrieved Parties in Criminal Cases, after the Committee ruled not to pay compensation for a sexual assault victim on the ground that she was “an illegal migrant worker.” The Court says that her immigration status is not the cause of the assault and orders the Committee to pay her compensation. 
12 Jul 2022
Administrative Court refused to hear a case filed by migrant workers and stateless persons suing authorities concerning “Section 33, We Love Each Other” scheme, citing the statute of limitations and that the plaintiffs were not stakeholders.
31 Jan 2022
Talking with migrant labourers and field workers in Chiang Mai about COVID-19 test measures.
15 Oct 2021
On 5 October 2021, the Human Rights and Development Foundation (HRDF) has gone to the Bang Khen Immigration Detention Center to pick up Ms. P, a female migrant worker from Myanmar, who had been remanded in custody being accused of being an alien and worked without the permit.
15 Sep 2021
An open letter from Migrant Working Group (MWG), the labour-related NGO expresses its observations and recommendations for the management policy of the Factory Sandbox by the Ministry of Labour.


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