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By Prachatai |
Parliament on Wednesday (21 February) voted to reject the Move Forward Party (MFP)’s Gender Recognition bill, which proposed to allow trans and non-binary people to change gender markers on their official documents to match their identity.
By Prachatai |
MPs from the Move Forward Party (MFP) have re-submitted the Marriage Equality bill to parliament to prevent the bill from being automatically dismissed. 
By Fortify Rights |
<p>The human right organization Fortify Rights issued a statement today (1 November) calling&nbsp;on the Thai parliament to approve the Marriage Equality bill, which is expected to re-enter parliament during the current legislative session.</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>The Rainbow Sky Association has said that it will no longer file a defamation charge against Sirisak &lsquo;Ton&rsquo; Chaited for returning its Ardhanarishvara Award.&nbsp;</p>
<p><span><span><span><span>The women, feminist, and LGBTQ+ groups in Thailand helped nonviolent resistance by contributing to a more inclusive movement, through adding gender issues, reinterpreting politics and creating a safe space for participants. They also equipped the campaign with creativity and resilience.&nbsp;</span></span></span></span></p>
By Prachatai |
<p>LGBTQ rights activist Nada Chiyajit says she has received threats of violence and transphobic messages after she gave legal assistant to a young transwoman who was allegedly blackmailed by a reporter.</p>
By Paisarn Likhitpreechakul |
<p>They used to be ridiculed and bullied, but LGBT youths have now emerged among the leaders of Thailand&rsquo;s pro-democracy movement. In this article, Paisarn Likhitpreechakul writes about young LGBT activists in the current wave of student protests.</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>The Thai Cabinet yesterday (8 July) approved the Civil Partnership bill, which was proposed by the Ministry of Justice to allow for same-sex couples to register their partnership, and has submitted the bill to the House of Representatives Coordination Committee for consideration before it goes before Parliament.</p>
By Nutcha Tantivitayapitak |
<div>Eight years ago, Anticha Saengchai came out as lesbian to her husband, family, and society. She then moved with her girlfriend to Pattani and opened a bookstore and learning space called Buku Books &amp; More. This is the story of Anticha’s of coming out, and of gender rights in the three provinces of the Deep South.&nbsp;</div> <div> </div>
By Kritsada Subpawanthanakun‎ |
<div>“... some people had stones thrown at their head, a knife pointed at their throat or a knife aimed at their belly (these are experiences that I myself had directly). Some have had piss thrown at them, and have been kicked and slapped around. Some have been beaten up to within an inch of their lives just for other people's satisfaction. They have been kicked, beaten and stomped in the face, without being raped or having their possessions taken. </div>