8 Sep 2023
On Monday (4 September), members of indigenous communities in Lampang marched to the Ngao District Office in Lampang to protest the declaration of a new national park in the area due to the concerns that their lands would be taken over by the park.
1 Jun 2023
Following the death of an indigenous activist from dengue fever, indigenous and community rights groups are demanding that the Ministry of Public Health take responsibility, saying that her death is the result of racial discrimination and negligence by a local hospital.
28 May 2023
Pinnapa Pruksapan, widow of murdered indigenous rights activist Porlajee Rakchongcharoen, has requested that the Department of Special Investigation (DSI) continue to protect her and her family, after the DSI said that they are not important witnesses in Porlajee’s murder trial and will no longer keep them under its protection.
18 Apr 2023
On the 9th anniversary of the disappearance of indigenous rights activist Porlajee “Billy” Rakchongcharoen, activists in Bangkok staged a protest to raise awareness about enforced disappearance and to call for reform of the justice system.
10 Dec 2022
The "Forest Reclamation Policy,” led to regulations to stop encroachment on forest resources in 2014. Enforcement resulted in more than 46,000 villagers around the country being arrested and sued.  Most were villagers who lived on, or had land plots that overlapped with, forest preserve areas in various ways.
15 Oct 2022
Indigenous Karen communities from Samoeng District, Chiang Mai, filed a petition on Tuesday (11 October) to oppose the designation of forest land as part of Ob Khan National Park, as the land includes their community forest and spiritual area.
3 Sep 2022
Chaiwat Limlikitaksorn, former Superintendent of Kaeng Krachan National Park, has filed a perjury complaint against human rights lawyer Waraporn Utairangsee, who was the legal representative for the Bang Kloi Indigenous Karen community and its spiritual leader Ko-i Meemi.
4 Feb 2022
Members of the Bang Kloi indigenous Karen community who came to join the protest organized by the People’s Movement for Just Society (P-Move) returned home yesterday (3 February 2022) after the government agreed to set up an independent committee to solve community rights issues facing them.
1 Feb 2022
10 months after the coup, many Karen and Karenni refugees are still hiding in the forests and mountains, while concerns over wars on the border have increased. We discuss with academics the role of diplomacy in refugee assistance to enhance national security and developing diplomacy to pressure Min Aung Hlaing.
17 Dec 2021
Following the demonstration by refugees in Mae La camp in Tak Province on 14 December, Move Forward Party (MFP) MPs and representatives and NGOs urged a fair investigation that also addresses the root causes that turned a peaceful protest violent in one night.
17 Dec 2021
The Bang Kloi indigenous Karen community continues to face ongoing land rights and food security issues despite an MOU signed with government officials in early 2021. 
31 Jul 2021
The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) issued a statement following the inscription of the Kaeng Krachan Forest Complex as World Heritage site acknowledging the World Heritage Committee's decision and emphasise that nature conservation must respect the rights of indigenous peoples to the territories they have traditionally owned and used.


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