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By Prachatai |
Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin has announced that the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) will not be dissolved, arguing that its assistance is needed for development missions. The Move Forward Party has called for its dissolution.
By Prachatai |
<p>Nattacha Boonchaiinsawat, a Move Forward MP, has released voice clips, videos and documents regarding military operations creating fake social media accounts to conduct information warfare against the people and close monitoring of those seen as the Prime Minister&rsquo;s political enemies.</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>In its February 2021 <a href="">Coordinated Inauthentic Behavior Report</a>, Facebook says it detected and removed 77 accounts, 72 pages, 18 groups and 18 Instagram accounts originating in Thailand, targeting audiences in the Southern provinces.</p>
By Thammachart Kri-aksorn |
<p>Thousands of university and high school students holding demonstrations in campuses all over the country shows that the tide is turning in Thailand. Although big change has yet to come, the agents of change are getting ready.&nbsp;</p>
By Abu Hafez Al-Hakim |
<p>Abu Hafez Al-Hakim&nbsp;is the spokesperson for MARA Patani who is directly involved in the peace talk. This article reflects his personal views and not the official view of MARA Patani.</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>Mobile phone users in the Deep South must register facial identification for their SIM card by 31 October, says the Internal Security Operation Command (ISOC); critics are concerned about a violation of fundamental rights.</p>
By Yiamyut Sutthichaya |
<div>The end of the Pom Mahakan community – an almost 2-century-old settlement - reflects the ignorance of the Bangkok administration and Thai society about preserving the history of normal townsfolk, especially when the Thai-style costume trend is on the rise.</div> <div> </div> <div>I have covered the story of the Pom Mahakan community as a journalist for the past year. The community population had already shrunk from 300 to around 50 people. </div>
By Nutcha Tantivitayapitak |
<div>From concerts, musicals, to movies, read ISOC’s cultural mission in their process of promoting the main ideology of the security services. </div> <div> </div>
By Kritsada Subpawanthanakun |
<div>In the 10 years of the 2008 Internal Security Act, an important legacy of the 2006 coup d’?tat, Prachatai's Kritsada Subpawanthanakun talked with political scientist Puangthong Pawakapan who argues that ISOC has changed its status to a permanent agency which continues to build the legitimacy of the armed forces in various ways, beginning with its involvement in the judicial process, monitoring of civilians and seeing democracy as a danger to security.</div> <p></p>
<div> <div>Despite an earlier court ruling, the Thai Army has filed a defamation lawsuit against a torture victim in the Deep South, who exposed his experience on TV in support of an anti-torture bill.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>On 14 February 2018, the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC) Region 4 filed defamation charges against Isma-ae Tae, a founder of the Patani Human Rights Organisation. </div></div>