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By Patrice Victor |
<p>Veteran journalist Patrice Victor went to Aceh, the only province of Indonesia where Sharia applies, taking you along with a squad of morality police to see how pious, public order is maintained in their ways.</p>
By Human Rights Watch |
<p>Most of&nbsp;<a data-saferedirecturl=";source=gmail&amp;ust=1658474257731000&amp;usg=AOvVaw3xtbHrAzYwY8kn95fRDl0H" href="" target="_blank">Indonesia&rsquo;s</a>&nbsp;provinces and dozens of cities and regencies impose discriminatory and abusive dress codes on women and girls, Human Rights Watch said on 21 July. The harmful impact of these regulations is evident in the personal accounts of Indonesian women &ndash; as schoolgirls, teachers, doctors, and the like.</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>Thai Embassies have issued warnings to Thai people about taking cannabis and hemp into Indonesia and Vietnam, where penalties include fines, life imprisonment and capital punishment.</p>
By Amnesty International |
<p>Amnesty International calls on ASEAN member states to&nbsp;prioritise protecting the human rights of people in Myanmar and prevent the situation deteriorating into a human rights and humanitarian crisis and to investigate&nbsp;Senior General Min Aung Hlaing on credible allegations of responsibility for crimes against humanity in Myanmar.</p>
<p>The Government of Indonesia should ensure the protection of peaceful assembly and freedom of expression and halt law enforcement from using excessive force at protests against the recently passed Omnibus Law, said the Asian Forum for Human Rights and Development and eight of its member organisations in Indonesia.</p>
By SEA Junction |
<p>If the face is the mirror of a soul, then what should reflect one’s who is or is believed to be in trance or possessed by spirits? The exhibition to be held on 18-25 February at SEA Junction is an attempt by the photographer Eva Rapoport to find answers to this question.</p>
By Nithin Coca |
<p>This year is the 50th anniversary of the coup that led to the deaths of an estimated 500,000-3 million, one of the worst episodes of violence in the post-World War II world. Today, few have been held responsible for the killings, which remain a rarely discussed and barely understood topic in now nominally Democratic Indonesia.</p> <p>As Thailand enters its second year under its own military dictatorship – one that shows no signs of leaving - here are some lessons and warning signs from its Southern neighbor.</p>
By Fortify Rights |
<p>(BANGKOK)—Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia should immediately coordinate search and rescue operations for Rohingya asylum seekers and possible survivors of trafficking from Myanmar and Bangladesh who are stranded at sea,&nbsp;<a href="">Fortify Rights</a>&nbsp;said today. The governments of these three countries should open their borders to asylum seekers and provide survivors with access to asylum procedures, protection from detention and forced returns, and freedom of movement.</p>
By Human Rights Watch |
<p>(Bangkok, May 14, 2015) –&nbsp;<a href=";RE=MC&amp;RI=4432086&amp;Preview=False&amp;DistributionActionID=78082&amp;Action=Follow+Link">Thailand</a>,&nbsp;<a href=";RE=MC&amp;RI=4432086&amp;Preview=False&amp;DistributionActionID=78081&amp;Action=Follow+Link">Malaysia</a>, and&nbsp;<a> </a></p>
<p>A Cambodian academic says the derailment of democracy and coming to power of the junta regime in Thailand sets a bad example for other ASEAN countries.</p>
By Ruayrin Pedsalabkaew |
<div>“We should help each other to analyze what will happen in forestry management. Government regulations are uncertain because Indonesian forestry maps have never been compiled into one. As the result, there are four widely differently versions.”&nbsp;</div> <p></p>
By Front Line |
<p>On 10 October and 15 October 2011 respectively, human rights defenders and labour activists Messrs Petrus W. Ajamiseba and Leo Wandegau died from gunshot wounds inflicted by police during a demonstration in Papua Province on 10 October. Petrus W. Ajamiseba and Leo Wandegau were labour activists and members of the All Indonesia Labour Federation (SPSI). SPSI is a national labour union which has branches in 33 provinces of the country, and works to increase the labour standards and improve the rights of all workers in Indonesia.</p>