Harrison George

7 Dec 2013
While critics and apologists alike sift through the pronunciamentos of Suthep Thaugsuban, founder, leader, ideologue and sole spokesperson of the Civil Movement for Democracy, in a desperate search for something that is both practical and constitutional, there is one demand of his that deserves study.
30 Nov 2013
It seems they have belatedly recognized that their message wasn’t getting across to a foreign audience.  Talk of overthrowing a democratically elected government in order to create a democratic form of government wasn’t exactly the clearest of messages.  So the newly mis-named Civil Movement for Democracy has decided to use one of its great strengths – the superior education of its supporters.
22 Nov 2013
The Constitutional Court ruling that it is unconstitutional to amend the Constitution is proof of the sacrosanct nature of the document, so unutterably perfect that no change could possibly be an improvement.  Perhaps it is time to go back and review how this flawless piece of work came about.
16 Nov 2013
The flames of anti-government protests have been further fanned with a ruling by the International Court of Alphabetical Justice (often called the World Letters Court) that the Thai letters ‘kho khuat’ and ‘kho khon’ are unnecessary, redundant, superfluous and supernumerary.  While not going so far as to order the Thai authorities to abolish the letters, the verdict has enraged linguistic nationalists who blame the government for the situation.
18 May 2013
Right, I’ve had enough. I’m sick up to here with this mindless ‘if you don’t like it here, then go and live somewhere else’ garbage. So what about you? If you don’t like reading this stuff, why don’t you go and live somewhere else where they don’t write like this? Never thought of that, did you, eh?
19 Feb 2013
WARNING!  This article has been written so as to conform to the restrictions on freedom of expression imposed by Thai law and its normal interpretation and practice. That should do it.
2 Jul 2011
The scene is the campaign headquarters of A Certain Party.  With just days to go to the election, they are heading for defeat even by their own polls.  Things haven’t been going their way.


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