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11 Mar 2022
Thailand’s rating remains ‘Not Free’ in Freedom House’s 2022 Freedom in the World report, with its score dropping from last year’s 30 out of 100 to 29, while the report notes a global threat to freedom and democracy and the expansion of authoritarian regimes. 
6 Mar 2021
In Freedom House’s 2021 global freedom analysis, Thailand scores 30 out of 100, 2 points less than last year, due to a poor performance in many aspects of political rights and civil liberties. This has brought down the country’s status from ‘Partly Free’ to ‘Not Free’.
11 Mar 2020
Thailand is now rated as ‘partly free’ in the 2020 Freedom in the World report, published by Freedom House, after being classified as ‘not free’ last year, while the report notes that political rights and civil liberties in Asia have declined.
3 Feb 2017
Thailand has again been ranked by Freedom House as 'Not Free' due to chronic human rights violations, suppressed freedom of expression and a military-sponsored draft constitution.   On 2 February 2017, Freedom House published its annual report titled Freedom in the World 2017: Populists and Autocrats: The Dual Threat to Global Democracy, an annual review of freedom worldwide.
29 Jan 2015
The Thai authorities have dismissed an international NGO’s report on the deterioration of Thailand’s political rights, saying Thai people should not let ‘the outside world’ intervene in domestic affairs.
5 Dec 2014
Freedom House, a human rights advocacy group based in Washington D.C., on Thursday revealed its 2014 Freedom on the Net report, which categorizes Thailand’s Internet as ‘not free’, while categorizing Myanmar Internet as ‘partly free.’    This is a reversal from 2013, when Thailand was
3 May 2013
Washington DC - Thailand's media freedom is categorized as "Not Free" for the year 2012, a change from "Partly Free" the previous year due to ‘court rulings that the lèse-majesté law does not contradict constitutional provisions for freedom of expression and that third-party hosts are liable for lèse-majesté content posted online’, a Freedom House report released on Wednesday said.
24 Jan 2013
Washington, January 23, 2013 - Freedom House denounces the verdict delivered by Thailand’s criminal court sentencing long-time labor rights activist and former editor of magazineVoice of Taksin, Somyot Prueksakasemsuk, to 11 years in prison and calls for his immediate release. The government must amend its laws to protect free expression in accordance with international human rights standards.
11 Feb 2012
Washington - February 10, 2012 - Freedom House is deeply concerned about the detention by Malaysian authorities of Saudi writer Hamza Kashgari, who fled Saudi Arabia to escape death threats for allegedly insulting the prophet Mohammad on Twitter. The 23-year-old Kashgari is at imminent risk of extradition to Saudi Arabia, where he faces charges of blasphemy that can carry the death penalty.
4 Nov 2011
A new Freedom House report, Countries at the Crossroads 2011, concludes that success in the Arab democratic revolution will require major reforms in government institutions that had been seriously undermined during previous authoritarian regimes.
28 Sep 2011
Next week, government, business, and civil society representatives will gather at the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Nairobi, Kenya to discuss the future of the global digital space.  This gathering takes place against the backdrop of growing restrictions by repressive regimes on online freedoms.  The U.S. and European governments have undertaken significant initiatives to respond to these restrictions, but their initiatives are inadequate to stem, let alone reverse, the decline of freedom on the internet.  Stronger action is needed.
22 Sep 2011
Freedom House condemns the trial of online media editor and human rights defender Prachatai executive director, Chiranuch (Jiew) Premchaiporn, who is accused of allowing comments deemed critical of the monarchy to be posted on the online forum that she moderates. Freedom House urges the Thai government to drop all charges against her and to immediately amend the country’s 2007 Computer Crimes Act (CCA), so that it conforms to international human rights standards.


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