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By Prachatai |
<p>On the 6th day of a protest in front of Government House, a cabinet resolution has delayed a city zoning meeting, a process required for the proposed industrial project in Chana District, Songkhla Province, and established a committee to solve the problem of constructing the industrial zone over 16,000 rai.</p>
By Saw Paul Sein Twa |
<p>Open letter from the&nbsp;recipient&nbsp;of the 2020 Goldman Environmental Prize for Asia, Saw Paul Sein Twa, to the State Counselor on Human Rights Day, urging the government to take immediate action in resolving water contamination case in Myaing Ka Lay area.</p>
By Protection International |
<p>After more than two decades of struggle against quarry mining in Dongmafai sub District,&nbsp;Suwannakhuha&nbsp;District&nbsp;,NongBuaLamphu Province, the community women and men human rights defenders impacted by the mining will organize a blockade in an attempt to stop the mining operations.</p>
By Protection International |
<p>Mr Sumeth Rainpongnam, a 48-year-old farmer, and the&nbsp;Khon Rak Kroksomboon&nbsp;group are upholding their community&rsquo;s right to a safe environment, in spite of violence and Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP)</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>The Songkhla Administrative Court has issued a temporary injunction, halting construction of a 2.7 km seawall which will have an irreversible impact on the community and the environment with no proven effectiveness.</p>
By Protection International |
<p>The woman human right defender of the anti-mining <a href="">Rak Ban Haeng Group</a> in Lampang received a visit and intimidation by the police on Thursday, after publicly reading statement echoing the calls of the People&rsquo;s Movement of 5 Regions that demands the government to revoke Emergency Decree.</p>
<p>Move Forward MP Prasertpong Sornnuwat has submitted a letter to the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources calling for it to legally intervene in the construction of 4 seawalls in Songkhla Province. The Department said that it could not halt construction right away as no proof of damage was presented, although some of the beach has already been dug up.&nbsp;</p>
By Protection International |
<p>The Rak Ban Haeng Group submitted an appeal to the Chiang Mai Administrative Court on 22 May requesting a review of additional pending issues in the recent judgement which ruled the actions by Industry Minister and other public officials unconstitutional in granting of concession license to a mining company.</p>
By Yiamyut Sutthichaya |
<p>A seawall construction project is in its first phase at Muang Ngam beach in Songkhla Province. The authorities and some local people disagree over the necessity and legitimacy of the project, but it seems that an amendment to the law on Environment Impact Assessments (EIAs) has played an important role in provoking the confrontation.</p>
<p>As around 500 waste picker households gather to receive money and food from charities, the head of the Re-users and Recyclers Trade Association says an influx of imported waste and the lockdown measures have heavily impacted the recycling business. Despite a state policy to secure prices, waste pickers still find it hard to get by.</p>
By Thammachart Kri-aksorn |
<p>This report tries to show concerns about things that were beginning to occur in the eastern region when the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) project was started under the dictatorship</p>