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By Prachatai |
<p>Thailand&rsquo;s rating remains &lsquo;Not Free&rsquo; in Freedom House&rsquo;s 2022 <a href="">Freedom in the World</a> report, with its score dropping from last year&rsquo;s 30 out of 100 to 29, while the report notes a global threat to freedom and democracy and the expansion of authoritarian regimes.&nbsp;</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>Thailand is now rated as &lsquo;partly free&rsquo; in the 2020 <a href="">Freedom in the World</a> report, published by Freedom House, after being classified as &lsquo;not free&rsquo; last year, while the report notes that political rights and civil liberties in Asia have declined.</p>
By Lisa Gardner |
<p>Should travelers find themselves on the wrong side of Thai law in a single &quot;lapse in judgment&quot;, it could be all it takes &quot;to lose all your civil liberties&quot;.</p>