Citizens Stop APEC 2022 Coalition

18 Sep 2023
10 months after participating in an anti-government protest during the 2022 APEC Economic Leaders’ Week in November 2022, two activists have received police summonses on charges relating to the protest.
7 Jul 2023
A group of activists have filed a lawsuit with the Administrative Court against the police over the violent dispersal of a protest on 18 November 2022, demanding a court order prohibiting the use of excessive force to disperse protests, as well as 12 million baht in damages.
5 Jan 2023
A parliamentary hearing into a police crackdown on an anti-government protest in November that left dozens wounded was adjourned without any progress on Wednesday because police commanders failed to show up. 
29 Nov 2022
A statement from the protesters who have been violently dispersed by the police force on 18 November underlines the purposes of the movement and demands responsibility for grieve losses.
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