10 Aug 2022
Experts and observers find Thailand’s informal sector has been devastated by Covid-19 aftershocks and restrictive regulations. They recommend that the government strengthen the sector and the entire economy by providing interest-free loans, easing restrictions, promoting job creation and skills training programs. 
12 Jun 2022
After a hiatus of nearly two decades, the Pride Parade returned to Bangkok last Sunday with a bang, drawing crowds of LGBTQ community members, sex workers, feminists, political dissidents, and even corporate representatives. 
10 Jun 2021
Levels of toxic Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) air pollution have rebounded in cities around the world, Bangkok included, one year after initial Covid-19 lockdowns went into effect, a new report from Greenpeace Southeast Asia finds. 
4 May 2021
“The rich get infected, the poor be damned” describes the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand, especially now that the disease, starting from the VVIP guests at luxury night clubs, has reached densely-populated communities in Bangkok.
18 Oct 2020
The 16 October police crackdown has not deterred the people’s will to express their anti-dictatorship ideas and criticisms of the monarchy. They turned from single protests to mobile leaderless ones.
22 Mar 2020
Bangkok’s Governor announced today (21 March) that malls, educational institutions and places of entertainment are to close for 22 days, while the number of COVID-19 cases in Thailand has risen to 411.
14 Dec 2019
Bangkok : Thousands took to the streets in Bangkok’s central shopping district on Saturday (14 December), a day after Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, leader of the Future Forward Party (FFP), called a protest.
5 Oct 2019
The hashtag #royalmotorcade has soared on Twitter despite legal restrictions on criticism of the royal family as concerned citizens reported traffic problems caused by a royal motorcade. A twitter user has faced threats over their comments and an activist received a threatening message claimed to be sent by the Palace, but an official at the Bureau of Royal Household said it was unlikely to be from there. 
16 Jun 2017
Just a day after the arrest of a suspect in the recent hospital bombing case, another minor blast wet off in Bangkok leaving one injured.    On 16 June 2017, a bomb went off on Sukhumvit Road between Sois 40 and 42 in front of the UNESCO office, injuring a female street cleaner. Police investigators found a bag at the scene containing an object wrapped in black tape.   The explosion occurred when the cleaner tried to open the bag.
11 Oct 2016
Riot police have raided an apartment in Bangkok and arrested 10 suspects in the wake of warnings from a deputy police commander that car bomb attacks have been timed for late October.    
15 Dec 2015
Some years ago, I was in conversation with a retired government official who had been a high heidyin in the Bangkok governor’s office.  Bangkok was just recovering from the latest inundation and he was scathing in his criticisms of the administration of the day. He noted, correctly, that flooding in the capital seemed to be both more frequent and more severe.  I agreed, but mentioned climate change and other factors that were not directly under the BMA’s control.


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