1932 Siamese revolution

5 Jul 2022
A bridge near the Khiakkai parliament complex was found over the weekend to have been renamed after a leader of the 1933 pro-monarchy Boworadet Rebellion.
29 Jun 2022
On Friday (24 June), Thais gathered to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the 24 June 1932 Siamese Revolution, which marked the change from an absolute monarchy to a democracy whereby the King is bound by the Constitution and which is claimed to be the beginning of the path to democracy in Thailand.
26 Jun 2021
The 89th anniversary of the democratic revolution that toppled the absolute monarchy of Siam resonated with demands for political and monarchy reform as the commemoration coincided with a parliamentary debate over motions to amend the constitution.
24 Jun 2021
On the 89th anniversary of the 24 June 1932 Revolution in Thailand, the People for Democracy Movement of Thailand (PDMT) calls for an absolute political reform and fairer resources distribution. 
16 Jul 2020
15th July was marked by a celebration of the 123th anniversary of the birth of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram, a leader of the People’s Party which instigated the 1932 Siamese Democratic Revolution. Despite his later transformation into a fascist, activists urged the new generation to learn from the successes and mistakes of the revolution.
24 Jun 2020
The public joined the Committee Campaigning for a People’s Constitution (CCPC) on Wednesday 24 June in remembering the 1932 People’s Party’s declaration and demanding amendments to the 2017 constitution. Meanwhile, other commemorations faced difficulties from the authorities.
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