yellow shirts

30 Mar 2024
The court has dropped all charges against another 67 anti-government protesters who were involved in a shutdown of Bangkok’s two main airports in 2008, citing that the protest was considered a peaceful assembly.
4 Jul 2020
All government agencies have been told to organize ceremonies for His Majesty the King’s 68th birthday while everyone is urged to wear yellow in July.
1 Nov 2017
A post-Yingluck Shinawatra Thailand is not a reconciled Thailand, and nor will it be if her Pheu Thai Party ceases to exist. The political arena will remain as polarised as it has been for the past decade. Yet this predicament can be overcome through a strategy laid out in the well-known Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Longzhong Plan. The plan was to divide China into three realms of roughly equal power. Adapting that plan can lead to positive change that will help move Thailand out of the current deadlock.
14 Jun 2016
A group of people dressed in yellow shirts have filed an accusation with the Administrative Court against agencies allied to the junta -- the PM, cabinet, charter drafters, lawmakers, and Election Commission -- for risking Thailand’s territory under the draft constitution, adding that the referendum should be postponed until the problematic articles are fixed.
18 Jun 2015
Khaosod English: Politicians from Thailand's two rival political camps have been asked by the military junta to attend a forum on its national reform efforts this Friday. 
30 Oct 2014
After the Bangkok Remand Prison attempted to separate red-shirt political prisoners from each other by sending them to several different prison zones, which was followed by the alleged beating to death of a red shirt by yellow-shirt inmates, a group of human rights lawyers has urged the prison to change its policy for the safety of political prisoners.   Thai Lawyers for Human Rights (TLHR) on Thursday submitted a letter to the Bangkok Remand Prison director asking the prison to review its assignment policy.
23 Feb 2013
Regarding political conflict in Thailand, many years ago I proposed that the political system (relations of power) is unable to adapt and broaden itself to accept the expansion of a new group of people who I referred to as the lower middle-class. This group of people is vast and needs a space to politically negotiate within the system, because their lives, their worldviews, and their interests have changed. 
27 Mar 2011
Most red shirts still oppose congress headed by Prawase and Anand despite claim of 'transcending political divide' The three-day National Reform Congress concluded yesterday with its chairman Prawase Wasi boasting that the meeting, which drew some 2,000 participants, "transcended" political division and "united" people from all walks.
24 Mar 2011
Praphan Khoonmee has told the yellow shirts that he will accept any means to let good people govern the country, saying that it is their right to have a better political system. 
22 Mar 2011
Sondhi Limthongkul has called for the country to be shut off so that an ‘appointed’ government can clean out dirty things.  A retired air chief marshal has accused some in the government of colluding to assassinate Sondhi in 2009, and covering it up.
14 Jan 2011
Fear of lese majeste law may keep discussions very one-sided With the setting up of the Students Centre of Thailand (SCT), university students will most probably become more politically active, and perhaps even put issues about the monarchy institution up for debate.
30 Nov 2010
by Chairit Yonpiam and Cholthicha Lermthong, Post Today Numbers were not the point of the latest yellow-shirt rally, because the rally was aimed at exposing the Abhisit government’s hidden agenda in amending the constitution, to show the public that this government could not be trusted, said Suriyasai Katasila, coordinator of the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), in an interview with Post Today about the low turnout of PAD supporters in front of Parliament on 23-25 Nov.


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