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15 Oct 2016
Thailand’s state communication board has asked internet service providers to set up 24/7 monitoring centres to search for “inappropriate content” across all social media platforms including Youtube, Facebook, Line and Twitter.    On 14 October 2016, Takorn Tantasith, secretary-general of the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBCT), said that the commission has sent an order to all Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Thailand.   The order asked I
14 Oct 2016
The Thai Crown Prince has announced that he is not yet ready to be enthroned as the next King, joining the public to mourn for the late King. At about 9:40 pm on 13 October 2016, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the junta leader and Prime Minister, told media after a special meeting at Parliament that Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn does not wish to be formally enthroned as the next King yet.
13 Oct 2016
The world's longest reigning monarch has passed away, beginning a year of mourning. According to the Thai junta leader, the Crown Prince Vajiralongkorn will be the next King of Thailand.  
12 Oct 2016
As Thais gather at Siriraj Hospital where the King is being treated to pray for his recovery, the Thai junta leader has abruptly cancelled public functions to return to Bangkok while some royal events have also been postponed.   On 12 October 2016, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the junta leader and Prime Minister, abruptly cancelled all his functions in the eastern province of Chonburi and returned to Bangkok.   The junta leader had just finished presiding over a ceremony to open a new building at the Battalion 21st Infantry Regiment in Chonburi
27 Jul 2016
Royalist Thais have filed a lèse majesté complaint against the administrators of a Facebook political satire page.    Members of a group called ‘Network to Protect the Monarchy’ in the central province of Sing Buri on Tuesday, 26 July 2016, filed a legal complaint against the administrators of the Facebook page ‘You Can’t Be Slim [a derogative Thai political term usually referring to the pro-establishment yellow shirts] if You Are Not Buffalos’, T-News reported.
20 Aug 2014
  The Harvard Crimson on Wednesday removed an article which talked about the pro-coup Thai elite trying to influence the Thai Studies programme at Harvard for the “personal safety of its author.”    Written by Ilya Garger, the article “Troubles with Thai Studies” raised concerns that by allowing the pro-coup Thai elite to influence the establishment of a permanent Thai Studies programme at Harvard, academic freedom may become compromised.    “Having overthrown a series
8 Aug 2014
  Khaosod English Buddhist monk and former anti-government activist Buddha Issara has filed criminal charges against two men responsible for an anti-royal video.    Buddha Issara was accompanied by a dozen supporters when he met with police officers at the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok today and urged them to take legal action against the men in the video.   In the video clip, posted on Youtube on 1 August, two unidentified men in suits say they are members of the "Thai Allia
18 Jun 2014
  A Thai man took a video clip of his visit to the house of Chatwadee Amornpat aka “Rose”, who has publicly stated that she is against the Thai monarchy. The man flashed a gun and spray painted the Thai national flag on the front door.    The clip begins with the man, who calls himself “DJ Ken”, saying that today he was going to take a ride somewhere. When he arrived at the door of Number 18 in a suburb of London, supposedly the house of Rose, he parked his car and said “I also have a souvenir for Rose”.
17 Jun 2014
A Thai woman posted a video clip of her visit to the house of Chatwadee Amornpat aka “Rose”, who has publicly stated that she is against the Thai monarchy.
12 May 2014
King Bhumibol Marks 64 Years on the throne |  EC regulations on the use of armoured vehicles and bulletproof vests | PDRC's final battle for an appointed "People's Government"
19 Apr 2014
  A Thai mother and father have sued their daughter, a vocal anti-establishment red-shirt residing in the UK, for posting video clips of herself defaming the monarchy after they received a storm of hate phone calls from Thai loyalists. 


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