27 Aug 2018
There is growing linguistic turmoil in academia. To understand why, you need to recognize the growing importance of academic publications, both for individual scholars and for educational institutions. The average workaday university teacher has two major academic responsibilities: teaching and research.  Good teaching, which you might think was the core competence of a teacher, is difficult to measure in a reliable way.  Student ratings quickly become beauty contests and measuring by exam results can be skewed by the incompetence, or recalcitrance, of the students.
20 Jan 2017
The venue:  The meeting room of the Thailand 4.0 Policy and Planning Division, Scenarios Section.
18 Nov 2015
On November 16, HRH Princess Sirindhorn visited the 2015 CRMA Exhibition at the spiritual heart of the Thai military - Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy. For those who have never been to the academy, it was founded in 1887 in Nakhon Nayok in the Fifth Reign and is a living testimony to HRH King Chulalongkorn the Great (Rama V), with various busts and statues of him dotted around the base.
3 Jun 2015
I have a theory about Thai society. Don’t worry.  This happens every 30 or 40 years or so and eventually I get over it. The last Georgian Thai Social Theory (c 1980) explained why Thais are described in the guide books as an extremely polite people and yet drive like homicidal maniacs, prefer push-and-shove scrums to orderly queuing, and politically vacillate between anarchy and autocracy.  (The pushing and shoving has since begun to fade with the introduction of new technology, i.e. queue tickets and yellow arrows on mass transit floors.)
7 Dec 2013
While critics and apologists alike sift through the pronunciamentos of Suthep Thaugsuban, founder, leader, ideologue and sole spokesperson of the Civil Movement for Democracy, in a desperate search for something that is both practical and constitutional, there is one demand of his that deserves study.
18 Sep 2009
It has been a difficult couple of weeks for the national security watchdogs in the Ministry of Interior. First they attempted to stop a stateless 12-year-old paper folder from attending a paper plane competition in Japan.
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