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By Pravit Rojanaphruk, The Nation |
<p>The Pheu Thai government should think again if it plans not to investigate and prosecute those who masterminded the deadly crackdown on red shirts in April and May 2010, warned Nattaputt Akahad, younger brother of nurse Kamolkaed Akahad, one of the highest-profile fatalities in last year's clashes.</p>
By Achara Ashayagachat |
<p>While the vast majority of Thai people are commemorating the 5th anniversary of the latest coup in order to show their strong disdain for this unconstitutional method of political change, a small group of people is spreading the possibility of another coup if the fugitive Thaksin Shinawatra returns to the country.</p>
By Lisa Gardner |
<p>Authorities have confirmed that citizen photographer Bernd Mechsner, 50, passed away earlier in the week. Bernd, a Swiss scientist, businessman and resident in Thailand for over a decade, died as a result of sudden heart complications on Monday evening, at his home in Bangkok. </p>
<p>Leader of the red-shirt Red Sunday group Sombat Boon-ngam-anong has received a suspended jail term and a fine for violating the Emergency Decree last year.</p>
<p>Several days ago, the Ratsadornprasong Law Office (<a href="">สำนักกฎหมายราษฎรประสงค์</a>) posted a <a href="">letter</a> written to the prime minister by detainees at Bangkok Special Prison. The letter, which is translated below, is dated 8 August 2011. Over a month later, the detainees are still in jail and are still awaiting justice.</p>
<p>Three red-shirt defendants have been kept in jail without bail for 16 months now, despite the fact that their case has already been dismissed by the court in Bangkok last week.&nbsp; </p>
By Pravit Rojanaphruk, The Nation |
<p>A former security guard who testified to the Criminal Court on the May 19, 2010 arson and death case at CentralWorld told judges yesterday that he had put his signature approving the police statement charging the two defendants without reading the document.</p>
<p>Prasong Panyatham, a 27-year-old homeless scavenger, is among 5 defendants who were arrested by the military in Din Daeng, Bangkok, on 21 May last year.&nbsp; While their trial is underway, his recent no-show has made the other defendants worry that their case might not end anytime soon.</p>
By People’s Information Center: April – May 2010 |
<p>Members of Peuthai party cannot deny the fact that one of the key factors which lead to it winning the recent election came from people&rsquo;s anger towards political injustice since the 2006 coup.</p>
By Pravit Rojanaphruk, The Nation |
<p><em>Two photo books document the movement that swept away the coup-makers</em></p>
By Pravit Rojanaphruk,The Nation |
<p>Now that the Pheu Thai Party is getting ready to form a new government, the so-called &quot;red shirts for democracy&quot; face the challenge of living up to their self-chosen tag of being &quot;truly democratic&quot;.</p>
<p>On 25 July, a group of lawyers and red shirts visited 53 red-shirt detainees in Bangkok prisons to give them food and other necessities in a bid to give them moral support and help ease their hardship in prison.</p>