27 May 2021
Privacy International, together with three other organisations has filed a series of legal complaints against Clearview AI, Inc - the facial recognition company that claims to have “the largest known database of 3+ billion facial images”.
3 Oct 2019
On 23 September, 2019, the Manushya Foundation launched a study recommending an amendment to Thailand's Cybersecurity Act in order to uphold online freedom and privacy in line with international human rights standards.
16 Dec 2016
The junta-appointed National Legislative Assembly (NLA) has passed an amendment of the Computer Crimes Act, despite a petition opposing the draft gaining over 300,000 signatures.
1 Apr 2016
(In a luxury condo in Nakhon Si Thammarat.) ‘Geraldine darling, who’s Geralgine?’ ‘Mmm?’ ‘This web page lists the details of all the foreigners living in the south of Thailand and it says there is a Geralgine living at this address.’ ‘What?’ ‘Somebody’s been posting data from Immigration on the internet.’ ‘But getting it wrong at the same time.’ ‘Well it is Immigration.’ (In a rented room in deepest Sukhumwit) ‘Ahmed, look at this.  Somebody’s given us a map of targets.’
18 Dec 2014
The cabinet gave the green light to the Royal Thai Police proposal to provide the Special Branch Police with the authority to carry out searches, arrests, and detention of suspects. Meanwhile, the police aim to amend the Criminal Procedure Code to allow all police units to be able to intercept private communications for better crime control. 
10 Dec 2014
I am a responsible consumer.  When I get to the checkout, I flourish my cloth shopping bags. And the first time out in a new shop you can expect to be met with bemusement.  Many will try to ignore the existence of the bags and start loading your purchases into the regular plastic.  So you ask them not to do that and draw their attention to the cloth bags.  One 7-Eleven employee immediately saw the light and pulled out another plastic bag into which he stuffed my cloth bags.  At no extra charge, I hasten to add.
8 Jul 2013
Adults should listen to teenagers if they want to protect the privacy of the young when using social media, Professor Dr. Urs Gasser, Executive Director, Berkman Center for Internet and Society, Harvard University, said in his presentation on Youth, Social Media, and the Future of Privacy at Chulalongkorn University on July 4.
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