Prem Tinsulanonda

27 Jun 2020
The Supreme Court has upheld the 2 years and 8 months jail sentences for 5 red shirts who led a protest outside the house of the late Privy Council president in 2007 demanding that he resign. The Court ruled that they caused serious violence and public disorder.
20 Jul 2019
The recent unexpected death of former Prime Minister Gen Prem Tinsulanonda – What?  Yes I know he was 98 but I would have put folding money on him reaching his century, wouldn’t you?  As I was saying, the death of Gen Prem has had us reviewing the 1980s when he presided over a series of fractious coalitions in a system of semi-democracy or semi-dictatorship, take your pick.
25 Jun 2019
Originally published in Thai version on 101 General Prem Tinsulanonda left many legacies in Thai politics. However, this article will speak specifically about the expansion of the military's political power at the end of the anti-communist war through the mass groups of the Internal Security Operations Command (ISOC).
29 Dec 2014
Khaosod English:  The top adviser to His Majesty the King has praised the 2014 military coup as a necessary action that saved Thailand from chaos.
19 Nov 2014
To highlight its important role in 60 years of promoting human rights and freedom of the press, the Thai Journalists Association (TJA) will organize a charity golf tournament, where the winners will be awarded trophies by Thailand’s current junta leader and a former unelected prime minister from the military.
13 May 2014
The Thai Appeal Court on May 8 affirmed the decision of the Court of First Instance, sentencing Ekkachai H. to three years and four months in jail and a fine of 66,666 baht for selling VCDs of a documentary on the Thai royal succession by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) and copies of Wikileaks cables. 
10 Apr 2010
According to Thai Rath, at 1 pm, about 5 military armoured cars with armed troops were seen moving from the 4th Cavalry Squadron (Royal Guards) at Kiakkai to Ratchadamnoen Rd at the same time as clashes between red shirts and troops.
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