Pre-trial detention

3 Jul 2023
The denial of bail for two people found guilty of royal defamation this June has brought the number of political prisoners in Thailand to 17. Of this number, 10 are detained following a final verdict from the Supreme Court or after a decision not to appeal. The remaining 7 are detained pending trial or appeal, 4 of whom on royal defamation charges.
25 May 2023
A 38-year-old man was arrested for royal defamation last Friday (19 May) for sharing a Facebook post and was later denied bail.
19 May 2023
Activist Thanalop Phalanchai, 15, was released on Thursday (18 May) after spending 51 days in pre-trial detention on a royal defamation charge at the Ban Pranee Juvenile Vocational Training Centre for Girls.
17 May 2023
Students and alumni of Triam Udom Suksa Pattanakarn School stood in front of the school for 1 hour and 12 minutes on Tuesday (16 May) to protest the detention of 15-year-old Thanalop Phalanchai, an activist and fellow student at the school.
28 Apr 2023
Thai authorities should immediately drop charges and release a 15-year-old student activist detained for allegedly defaming the monarchy, Human Rights Watch said today (28 April).
15 Apr 2023
For the first week 15-year-old Thanalop spent in pre-trial detention at a Juvenile Centre, her lawyer said Centre officials refused to allow her visitors and did not inform the lawyer that Thanalop had contracted Covid-19 until several days after she tested positive.
31 Mar 2023
After a 15-year-old girl was detained pending trial on a royal defamation charge on Wednesday (29 March), Amnesty International notes how children continue to be targeted by the authorities for dissent and how recent use of the royal defamation law shows the shrinking of civic space in Thailand. They also called for the authorities to drop charges against activists and protesters and refrain from arrest and pre-trial detention of peaceful protesters.
27 Mar 2023
A 19-year-old protester was arrested last Friday night (24 March) on charges relating to a protest on 21 November 2021 and denied bail.
11 Mar 2023
Two protesters arrested on Thursday (9 March) and charged with royal defamation and contempt of court for singing and speaking at a protest in July 2022 have been denied bail. 
3 Mar 2023
Activists Tantawan Tuatulanon and Orawan Phuphong have once again been admitted to Thammasat University Hospital as their condition has worsened following 44 days on hunger strike.
2 Mar 2023
Hunger strike activists Tantawan Tuatulanon and Orawan Phuphong has resume dry fasting, after a 25-year-old protester was denied bail on Wednesday (1 March).
17 Feb 2023
Four protesters detained pending trial on charges relating to the burning of a police truck during a protest on 11 June 2022 have been granted bail after spending over 240 days in prison.


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