12 Apr 2023
Academics, activists, medical professionals, and residents in Chiang Mai have filed a class action lawsuit against the Prime Minister and other government agencies for lack of action on air pollution, with the provincial capital now ranking among the world’s most polluted cities.
28 Feb 2021
Two myths created by the media caused misunderstandings. One is that Chiang Mai faced the most severe problem, and the second is that this problem is likely to increase in severity every year. Statistics over the past 24 years indicate otherwise.
28 Feb 2021
In news reports less than 10 years ago, the new problem of PM2.5 dust was added to news items in the Thai media of forest fires and the problem of haze caused by forest fires and crop burning. This has led to a clear concrete policy shift, since it has a direct impact on the lives of the middle class in the country’s large cities, especially major centres like Bangkok and tourist spots like Chiang Mai Province. With an unidentifiable origin, smog, forest fires and PM2.5 have by implication become the same thing.
20 Jan 2020
Thailand’s smog crisis continues in Bangkok and other provinces for a second week, with pollution readings at hazardous levels, while the spokesperson of the Prime Minister’s Office has insisted that the situation has yet to reach a crisis level and asks the public not to panic.
11 Jan 2020
PM2.5 levels in Bangkok and surrounding provinces have reached a hazardous level for the third consecutive day on Friday (10 January), with the air quality measuring between 156 – 163 AQI (Air Quality Index), while the government has yet to issue any concrete long-term plan to tackle the issue.
30 Jan 2019
The Governor of Bangkok has announced that 437 schools in Bangkok will be closed and said a statement from the Prime Minister will order other schools under the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) to follow. Source: Air Quality Index Website(Captured at 5.31 p.m.)
22 Jan 2019
In comparison to other countries, the Thai government has not been very effective in dealing with Bangkok's air pollution issue, relying on temporary solutions to what seems to be a long-term problem rather than tackling the structural issues at root. While different cities around the world facing or have faced similar problems has come up with ways of dealing with air pollution that target its cause.
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