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By Sasitorn Aksornwilai |
In the vibrant and bustling centre of Bangkok, PM 2.5 readings are soaring to hazardous levels. The city’s most vulnerable residents, the homeless, are left exposed. Living their lives on the streets, their already precarious health is exacerbated by the pollution. Despite promises of action to control pollution, the air quality crisis shows no sign of abating. 
By Prachatai |
Chiang Mai residents have declared their province an air pollution zone after the government failed to exercise its legal powers to announce an air pollution crisis to address the problem in the northern region. Meanwhile, a significant increase in respiratory diseases is reported in the region.
By Natthaporn Thaotagoo |
<p>PM2.5 has gained wide public awareness amongst Thais for nearly a decade. Many probably have questioned how much longer we need to live with the health crisis brought on by the annual recurrent problem of ultra-fine dust particles which the World Health Organization (WHO) claimed causes 4.2 million premature deaths worldwide each year. &nbsp;</p>
By Stephff |