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4 Jul 2007
"A nation can become strong only when its numerous small communities are strong" Korn-Uma Pongnoi said on her speech for Anniversary of Charoen Wat-aksorn's Death 
2 Jul 2007
News and artcles related to the draft of ISA; -  Draft ISA a Step Backwards from Human Rights and Rule of Law, - Maintenance of National Security Act is for ensuring the powers of the military and not the security of the people!!, - Students and Activists Declare - "We don't want the Dictatorial Internal Security Act", - Rights Groups Stress Internal Security Act - Threat to Human Rights, - NLA Expect the ISA will not be Easily Passed - Speculations of the Military Protecting itself through the Law
28 Jun 2007
Thousands Vote for the Most Abusive Corporations
28 Jun 2007
Newspaper advertising space has become a new battleground between pro-coup technocrats and anti-coup activists with each side launching separate campaigns to gain public support for opposing positions in the upcoming constitution referendum.
28 Jun 2007
BANGKOK, Jun 27 (IPS) - Against the backdrop of a key Thai official's latest statement, the tug-o-war between the government and campaigners against Internet censorship looks far from being resolved any time soon.
27 Jun 2007
The International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) is alarmed by recent blocks placed upon the media by the Bhutanese government.
26 Jun 2007
A recording and transcripts of a conversation have been made available online which if true expose the extent to which Thailand's senior judiciary is compromised and controlled by outsiders, and what a long road it will be to restoring any notion of the rule of law there. 
25 Jun 2007
25,000 face starvation - appeal made for regional and international action - new report and video highlight severity of human rights abuses perpetrated in Burma
22 Jun 2007
Dramatic events in both Pakistan and Thailand during the past year have brought their respective judiciaries to the centre of national politics. Judges and lawyers in Pakistan have played a
21 Jun 2007
Supporting Letter from  35 members of Congress to USTR in case of Compulsory Licensing Use, call for remove Thailand from the Special 301 Priority Watch List.
21 Jun 2007
BANGKOK, Jun 20 (IPS) - Deposed Thai premier Thaksin Shinawatra has been ordered back to Thailand from self-exile to hear formal charges of concealing assets in a family property company or face arrest.
21 Jun 2007
BANGKOK, Jun 21 (IPS) - Setting quotas designed to have more women in politics and government may not have been the magic formula for more balanced political representation in many countries, but it has certainly been a key first step in many cases.


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