2 Jun 2007
Prachatai - 2 June 2007 - Amidst rising concern over Internet censorship in the country, the Information and Communication Ministry (ICT) on Friday raised another "concern" over a "satiric" view allegedly carried in the popular online newspaper website
1 Jun 2007
Prachatai: One day after the disbanding of Thai Rak Thai Party, its stronghold province, Chiang Mai, remains surprisingly clam. Despite the chit-chat extensively heard in public places concerning the court verdict, no signs of violent action or protest could be detected.
24 May 2007
Thai papers are reporting that the Council for National Security (CNS), as Thailand's ruling military council is known, had asked for the "cooperation" of UBCTV, Thailand's leading cable service provider, to pull the interview everytime it gets play from CNN. As of 16 January, the 3-minute segment was still being replaced by still images with no news audio.
24 May 2007
Academics led by the Midnight University called on the people to reject the draft constitution they labeled as "destructive to political reform".


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