18 Sep 2023
The chief of the Royal Thai Air Force met with Myanmar’s military ruler Min Aung Hlaing after the end of the 20th ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference chaired by the Myanmar military.
14 Sep 2023
The Chief of the Royal Thai Air Force participated in an ASEAN Air Chiefs Conference chaired by the Myanmar military, ignoring sanctions imposed on the Myanmarese government by several nations.
11 Aug 2023
Move Forward Party (MFP) MPs have proposed the establishment of an ad hoc committee for migrant students without civil registration, aiming to address the problem of their lack of access to education.
10 Aug 2023
On the 35th anniversary of the 8 August 1988 protest, also known as the 8888 Uprising, the Myanmarese communities in Bangkok and Chiang Mai gathered to remember victims of the crackdown and protest the Myanmar junta’s violence against dissidents.
7 Jul 2023
The government is preparing to repatriate over a hundred Myanmarese children who lack registration documents, ignoring objections that this violates the National Education and Child Protection Acts.
5 Jul 2023
Human rights workers and relevant stakeholders have engaged in a discussion regarding Thailand’s policies towards the increasing influx of Myanmar refugees fleeing the ongoing civil war in Myanmar.
4 Jul 2023
The Commander-in-Chief of the Myanmar Air Force has visited Thailand on an invitation from his Thai counterpart. No official report on the visit has been released. In the meantime, the Myanmar Air Force carried out an air strike against the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA), resulting in casualties.
3 Jul 2023
On Sunday (2 July), the Myanmar migrant worker network Bright Future met in front of the UN headquarters in Bangkok ahead of the birthday of coup leader Gen Min Aung Hlaing on Monday to call on Thailand’s new government not to support the Myanmar junta.
30 Jun 2023
The Thai-Myanmar Border Command Centre has announced that the armed conflict in Myanmar has forced 4,878 Myanmar refugees to enter Thailand, while the Royal Thai Air Force (RTAF) continuously deploys surveillance aircraft to prevent any violation of Thai territorial airspace.
26 Jun 2023
The Myanmar military junta and the Russian Federation have held planning meetings to co-host joint military exercises to counter terrorism in ASEAN with the reported attendance of Thai military representatives, despite a boycott by the United States and other Asian countries since 2022.
19 Jun 2023
Thailand Deputy Prime Minister Don Pramudwinai’s decision to push through with “informal” meetings with the illegal Myanmar military junta despite widespread criticism and condemnation is a betrayal of the Myanmar people and an affront to ASEAN unity, Southeast Asian lawmakers said today.
13 Apr 2023
Thai immigration officials forcibly returned three Myanmar opposition activists to Myanmar, putting them at grave risk of persecution and other abuses, Human Rights Watch said today.


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