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By Wanna Tamthong |
In a sewing factory on the Thai border, migrant workers are working in abusive condition and being paid less than minimum wage to sew garments. Those who demand a fair wage were fired. Their names were put on a blacklist, and other factory owners were told to not hire them. Now, they are filing a lawsuit with a court in the UK against clothing brands for ordering products from a factory that used forced labour and paid unfair wages.
By Klaing Kimhuoy |
Cambodian workers are falling victim to online shopping scams by fraudulent sellers on Facebook who lure them with promises of affordable things, leaving victims devastated and reluctant to report the crimes.
By Sasitorn Aksornwilai |
For 18 years, around 100,000 Thai farmers have travelled across continents to work as berry pickers in Finland and Sweden, believing it offered an opportunity to earn more money than they could through traditional farming in Thailand. Instead, they were subjected to unfair treatment and many came home empty-handed or bound with debt to the berry companies. To this day, their journey to seek justice is still ongoing, as they continue to advocate for fair treatment and accountability from the berry companies and relevant parties that exploited them.
By Prachatai |
Parliament has voted against the Move Forward Party (MFP)’s proposal to establish an ad hoc committee to ensure the right to education for non-Thai students without civil registration.
By Klaing Kimhuoy |
Over 400 Cambodian workers were arrested by the Thai police on 12 October 2023 in Ayutthaya Province. The workers, most of them employed in construction, reached out to their embassy to request the Thai authorities for their release, after their brokers failed to produce promised legal documentation.
By Klaing Kimhuoy |
The Cambodian government is planning to open a new consulate in Songkhla, but its decision to prioritize increasing the number of consulates over reducing passport fees has raised concerns among Cambodian workers abroad, who are seeking affordable passport renewal options for easier access to essential services.
By Sicha Rungrojtanakul and Anna Lawattanatrakul |
<p>Thailand is a common destination for large numbers of migrant workers, especially from neighbouring countries like Myanmar, Laos, and Cambodia. Among them are many LGBTQ who came to Thailand to escape harassment and prosecution in their own country, but found themselves faced with gender-based discrimination and unsafe work environments in Thaioand. No policies have been implemented for their protection.</p>
By Prachatai |
<p>The Workers&rsquo; Union and the Myanmar migrant worker network Bright Future staged a small gathering last Friday (7 October) to mark the World Day for Decent Work, to demand protection of labour rights and an increase in the minimum wage.</p>
By Lanna Project and the Northern Labour Network |
<p>Kyin Nyunt and Moe Hseng are migrant workers and single mothers who lost their jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic and, receiving no assistance from the Thai government, are struggling to survive.</p>
By Mekong Migration Network (MMN) |
<p>In a year when fewer people have travelled or migrated voluntarily than in any time in recent history, hundreds of thousands of people in Myanmar have been forced to flee for their own safety and survival.&nbsp;</p>
By ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights (APHR) |
<p>Southeast Asian lawmakers call on ASEAN governments to take more inclusive measures to protect everyone against Covid-19 regardless of their migration status.&nbsp;</p>