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By M.L. Nattakorn Devakula |
<p>Amidst the current political climate where the ideological dividing lines within political parties take form, there is an obvious phenomenon that is occurring. &nbsp;This comes in the form of politically motivated media organization. What has gone down over the past several years is quite interesting from the perspective of those who study how influential media outlets can become.</p>
By Editorial, The Nation |
<p>Latest rankings for press freedom leave Thailand and all other Asean&nbsp;countries with nothing to shout about.</p>
<p>Thai media, freedom of speech, and freedom to information are under threat in Thailand by a government that is robbing the people of their rights and freedoms.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Despite its wrong caption, <a href="">Thai Rath</a>&rsquo;s photo of a former PAD guard grabbing the hair of a red-shirt woman and dragging her along the road during the military crackdown in April has won the Best Photo of the Year Award from the Mass Media Photographers Association of Thailand (MPA). The MPA President explained it won because it is so vividly emotional that no description is necessary. Abhisit will preside over the ceremony on June 18.</p>