Lertsak Kumkongsak

28 Sep 2020
Community W/HRDs in Nong Bua Lamphu Province declaring victory in uprooting the last remnant of the exploitative and illegitimate quarry mining and they continue to blockade the mining site. Khao Lao Yai- Pha Jun Dai Community Forest Conservation Group and their supporters raising hands in joy as they reclaimed the land back.
2 May 2018
There are two main components of a public assembly, according to the Public Assembly Act of 2015 or the ‘assembly prohibition law’. The first relates to the type of ‘activity’ according to Article 3 [[1]], which states the kind of activities that fall within the scope of this law and which must be reported in advance to the responsible officials before they are eligible for protection and facilitation for the assembly to take place.
24 Apr 2018
If there is still anyone who believes that the law banning assemblies or the 2015 Public Assembly Act is a law created for the protection of protesters, then they are probably completely deaf and blind, and cannot be compared to normal villagers who see the world more according to reality, like the gentle reflection of one villager from the area that opposed the gold mine in Loei Province who interestingly said, “Before the NCPO staged the coup, capitalists or companies were the ones who sued us, but after the NCPO coup, it’s the state that sues us.” That is the
17 Jan 2018
A civil society network will march from Bangkok to Khon Kaen next week to demand the return of civil rights and public participation after these rights have been taken away during over three years of the junta. The march will also gather 10,000 signatures to propose a people’s version of the Environmental Law.    A series of activities called “We Walk, A Walk for Friendship” is organised by a group of civil rights activists called the People Go Network.
11 Dec 2017
A grassroot network last week blasted the government’s environmental bill, saying that it is aimed at helping investors rush through the environmental impact assessment process at the cost of the environment. They also vowed to propose a people’s version of the law.    The People’s Network for Sustainable Development on 7 December 2017 gathered in front of the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC) near Government House to protest against the Enhancement and Conservation of the National Environmental Quality Bill.
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