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<p dir="ltr">A network of anti-mine activist groups has condemned the Thai junta for pushing a new controversial mining bill without public participation. &nbsp;</p> <p dir="ltr">On 7 December 2016, the People’s Network of Ore Owners, a coalition of anti-mine activist groups from across the nation, issued a public statement to the National Legislative Assembly (NLA).</p>
<p>Despite opposition from environmental activists and civil society groups, the junta’s lawmakers could soon pass a new Mining Bill to ease environmental regulations for mining businesses.</p> <p>On 1 December 2016, the National Legislative Assembly will consider the new Mining Bill, which was proposed by the Ministry of Industry to replace the 1967 Mining Act and the 1966 Mineral Royalty Rate Act.</p> <p>The bill had been put on fast track by the junta’s cabinet but has received stiff disapproval from academics and environmental activists.</p>
<p>More than two dozen civil society groups have urged the Thai authorities not the pass a Mining Bill, saying that while reducing red tape for mining businesses, the bill will do more harm than good to society.</p>