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By Jared Makana Kirkey |
<p>The debate following the dramatic amendment to the Student Loan Fund Act reveals the problem of student loans in relation to wealth inequality, access to education, and the current job market for recent college graduates.</p>
By Kritsada Subpawanthanakun |
<p>A study by the Centre for Research on Inequality and Social Policy (CRISP) finds that low-income people were heavily affected by the pandemic. Without appropriate support, the lingering damage may slow their recovery more than expected.&nbsp;</p>
By Yiamyut Sutthichaya |
<p>&ldquo;The rich get infected, the poor be damned&rdquo; describes the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak in Thailand, especially now that the disease, starting from the VVIP guests at luxury night clubs, has reached densely-populated communities in Bangkok.</p>
By Harrison George |
By Harrison George |
<p>You may not have noticed this, but the escalators on the underground MRT in Bangkok have signs telling you not to walk and to hold onto the handrail.&nbsp; But on the BTS skytrain, they tell you to walk on the left and stand on the right.</p> <p>Certainly the vast majority of passengers seem to be ignoring the signs.&nbsp; This could be the confusion of having different systems in the same city, but I suspect it’s just the regular scoff-law attitude you get round here.</p>
<div>&nbsp;</div> <div> <div>The Criminal Court on Thursday found a taxi driver guilty of lèse majesté based on his conversation with a passenger and sentenced him to two years and six months in jail.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The 43-year-old Yuthasak (last name withheld due to privacy concerns), the taxi driver, pleaded guilty before the court, according to <a href="">iLaw</a>.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The topic of the conversation which later landed the driver in jail was inequality in Thai society.&nbsp;</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>In June, the pol </div></div>
By Harrison George |
<p>Anyone who has glanced at the best-seller lists recently might be forgiven for thinking that we’ve suffered a 150-year time warp.&nbsp; Topping the charts is a hefty tome entitled ‘Capital’ by a European political economist.</p>