Election Commission

1 Jun 2022
After two days of meetings, the Election Commission (EC) has finally approved the Bangkok gubernatorial election result with Chadchart Sittipunt the winner with 1,386,215 votes.
15 Mar 2019
Overseas voting for the upcoming 2019 general election began on 4 March and will continue until 16 March. However, many Thai voters living overseas are facing difficulties casting their votes in UK, US, China, Malaysia, Canada, South Africa, Russia, and Japan, from long waiting times at the poll to ballots not arriving in the mail.
29 Apr 2015
Thailand’s 2015 Constitution debuted last week, when the Constitution Drafting Committee (CDC) submitted the draft for consideration before the National Reform Council (NRC). Although it was not to be distributed to the public, the document leaked onto the internet. The draft raises several concerns, among which is the emergence of a privileged group of Thais.
26 Feb 2015
Despite good electoral laws, Thailand’s 2014 election failed due to deeply partisan politics and the failures of the Election Commission, according to research which ranks Thailand’s election 88th of 127 elections held in 107 countries in 2012-2014.
1 Oct 2014
The study tour by Election Commission officials to observe the recent Scottish referendum on independence has been widely criticized.  Some have noted that the Election Commission has not shown itself to be overly keen on organizing elections in this country, so why the interest in other countries? 
7 Jul 2014
  The latest round of Thai political crisis, which ended with a coup d'etat, started with the controversial blanket amnesty bill, supported by the leading Pheu Thai party and also about to end with the manesty.
12 May 2014
King Bhumibol Marks 64 Years on the throne |  EC regulations on the use of armoured vehicles and bulletproof vests | PDRC's final battle for an appointed "People's Government"
31 Mar 2014
Following the decision of the suddenly even-handed Election Commission to call for a re-run of the Bangkok governor’s election, political office holders around the country are looking over their shoulders and wondering if a similar fate will befall them.
19 Mar 2014
A proposal of six independent agencies for naming mediators to solve Thailand’s prolonged conflict on Tuesday has prompted a group of activists to protest the move, seen by many as controversial and partisan. 
3 Mar 2014
Well it’s a full house here at the Impact Arena for the live televised debate between Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and Suthep Thaugsuban, head of the People’s Democratic Reform Committee.  There’s a few minutes to go before that starts so I’ll turn to Khun Somchai here.  Khun Somchai, explain to the viewers, what is the background to this debate?
17 Feb 2014
  Nitirat, or Enlightened Jurists, a group of law academics from Thammasat University, Bangkok, on Sunday condemned the Election Commission (EC) for intentionally delaying the by-elections for the MPs, and pointed out how parliamentarians or citizens can remove Election Commissioners from office. 


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