20 Nov 2014
The military demanded an Isan environmental activist to shut down his personal Facebook and a campaigning Facebook on the controversial Pak Moon Dam and order him to report in. The activists defied, however.  
8 Oct 2014
News about the visit to Myanmar of Gen. prayuth Chan-O-Cha, Thai Prime Minister and Head of the junta, on 9–10 October indicates that there will be talks between the Thai and Myanmar governments to revive the stalled Dawei Deep Seaport and Industrial Estate projects. Recent daily press reports refer to the economic advantages that could benefit Thailand, and predict the resumption of the project in November.
26 Sep 2014
Can Tho - Vietnamese civil society groups gathered in preparation for an upcoming official public consultation about the Don Sahong dam in Lao.
27 Oct 2009
Open defiance against Chinese dams in military-ruled Burma surfaced this month as dam construction and a forced relocation process began in the country’s northern Kachin State. Affected people directly confronted leading military personnel and held mass prayers, while a community network has written to the Chinese dam builders. 
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