Constitutional amendment

5 Oct 2023
The Cabinet’s plan for constitutional amendments will not involve sections concerning the monarchy to avoid conflict, according to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Phumtham Wechayachai.
15 Sep 2023
Sretta’s first cabinet meeting key outcomes: Phumtham heads Committee to Study Constitutional Referendum Approaches, oil and electricity price reduction, and more
18 Aug 2023
The Move Forward Party (MFP) will be filing an urgent motion asking parliament to call a referendum on whether the entire Constitution should be amended by an elected Constituent Assembly.
7 Dec 2022
A network of women human rights defenders has called for a more inclusive constitution and proposed amendments to the constitution which included the protection of women’s rights, decentralization, and state welfare.
9 Sep 2022
Just hours after a parliamentary vote to reduce the power of the appointed Senate failed, a relentless Move Forward Party (MFP) launched a campaign to obtain the 50,000 signatures necessary to hold a public referendum on whether the country should draft a new Constitution.
18 Nov 2021
A joint parliamentary session has dismissed a draft constitutional amendment, proposed by the Re-Solution group and related networks.  The draft was backed by over 135,000 voters.
26 Jun 2021
The 89th anniversary of the democratic revolution that toppled the absolute monarchy of Siam resonated with demands for political and monarchy reform as the commemoration coincided with a parliamentary debate over motions to amend the constitution.
16 Apr 2021
With the next general election in 2023, Thai politicians from all sides are becoming more serious about constitutional amendments to advance their political interest.
5 Mar 2021
In an era of political tension and ideological conflict, Thai society has reached a turning point. While the military government has paved its way to maintaining power, a new pro-democracy movement is trying to put rights and power back into the hands of the people.
10 Feb 2021
On 9 February, the upper and lower houses of parliament together voted 366-316 to petition the Constitutional Court over the constitutionality of the constitutional amendment bill, casting aside the regular amendment process.
23 Jan 2021
The Constitution Advocacy Alliance (CALL), a civil society network campaigning for constitutional amendments, has condemned the constitutional amendment committee for barring them from conducting a Facebook live recording of their meetings and having security officers take them away.
19 Nov 2020
After parliamentary scrutiny of constitutional amendments was delayed for a month, only 2 out of 7 drafts passed the first reading: the proposal by the government coalition and one of those by the opposition to amend Section 256 allowing the establishment of a Constitution Drafting Assembly.


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